' Cooper Standard – Strategic Direction

Cooper Standard established its Profitable Growth Strategy in 2013 to provide a clear vision, set of values, and strategy to achieve its mission to become one of the Top 30 global automotive suppliers in terms of sales and Top 5 in ROIC (return on invested capital). Since that time, the Global Leadership Team has evolved and refined the strategy to more closely represent the Company’s culture and provide a path for continued growth by driving value through the Company’s culture, innovation and results.

Cooper Standard’s continued success is driven by its commitment to:

  • The Customer – Cooper Standard designs and develops products to meet the current and future needs of its global customers. The Company listens intently and adjusts to customer feedback to ensure it is consistently providing customer-focused products while meeting evolving needs.
  • Superior Products – With a focus on core products, Cooper Standard provides customers with market-leading solutions with predicable quality that meet or exceed expectations.
  • World-Class Operations – Cooper Standard is committed to sustained excellence though the Cooper Standard operating System, the Company’s customized set of global best practice tools designed for optimization that are driving Cooper Standard’s global success.
  • Engaged Employees – Cooper Standard employees are the heart and soul of the Company and the key factor in the Company’s success. Committed to excellence and driven to succeed, Cooper Standard employees never lose sight of the Company’s overall vision and strategy.

With a dedicated focus on these four pillars of success, Cooper Standard will continue to drive value through its culture, innovation and results.

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