' Cooper Standard – Artificial Intelligence Meets the Extrusion Line

Continuing its emphasis on breakthrough innovation, Cooper Standard has launched Liveline Technologies – a new startup under the umbrella of CS Open Innovation – to deploy A.I.-enhanced process controls into production.

Liveline’s proprietary technology enables full automation of polymer extrusion and other complex manufacturing processes. For extrusion, this can dramatically reduce process variation (a top driver of scrap), increasing product quality and improving operational metrics. With Liveline Technologies’ approach, A.I.-based controllers handle most adjustments in real time, equipping technicians with insightful data and providing them more time to focus on problem solving, improvements, and other proactive activities.

Using proprietary A.I. software, similar to that used in self-driving cars, Liveline’s process controllers can “self-drive” complex production processes for optimal outcomes. These controllers are also self-designing, allowing efficient scaling at the enterprise level.

As a startup that is wholly owned by Cooper Standard, Liveline Technologies has direct access to Cooper Standard production lines for real-time technology development and is striving to become the global expert in advanced process modeling and A.I.-based controls. The Company is currently leveraging Liveline’s technology on rubber extrusion lines at two of our global facilities, with a targeted deployment across our global manufacturing base.

With a mission to automate the impossible, Liveline Technologies is dedicated to improving manufacturing performance by harnessing the power of predictive A.I. for complex process automation. 

For more information about Liveline Technologies visit https://www.liveline.tech/. For more information about CS Open Innovation, visit https://www.csopeninnovation.com/