' Cooper Standard – Life at Cooper Standard

For those who want to work in an environment where they can contribute ideas and talents, can align their personal development goals with Company goals and have an input on the Company, products and communities we serve, Cooper Standard’s may be just the place for your passion.

Cooper Standard employs approximately 30,000 employees across 21 countries and is committed to recruiting and retaining top talent. We actively work with our employees to further develop their skill set throughout their career at Cooper Standard.

Our Culture

Cooper Standard is dedicated to driving value through culture, innovation and results. We maintain a clearly defined culture as a solutions provider to our customers and a reliable partner to our communities with two-way communication as a top priority. Our leadership team keeps connected with our global workforce through employee webcasts, frequent update announcements and on-going employee feedback mechanisms.

We have a common global portal to help facilitate communications and team building, and allows employees to post questions directly to the leadership team. Our employees have the opportunity to interact with their colleagues from many different cultures and backgrounds, adding to the rich diversity that makes up our company.

Rewards and Benefits

Cooper Standard offers competitive compensation and benefits packages. We regularly analyze how our total compensation package compares to the marketplace in the regions we operate in throughout the world.

Career Enrichment

At Cooper Standard, we believe that our employees are what set us apart from our competition. We take great pride in our employees and consider their ongoing development very seriously.

Global Career Framework

Cooper Standard uses a Global Career Framework to ensure we maintain a consistent approach when we share job information. By understanding each job in the Company and treating the jobs consistently (while recognizing local and regional differences), we can provide competitive, market-based rewards that recognize employees through systems that link rewards to performance. Our employees use the Global Career Framework to set short- and long-term career goals that align with their skills and interests.

Developing Your Career

Our Global Talent Management System provides employees with the processes, tools and resources to learn and grow in their career with us. Our processes are designed to focus on results and build on employees' capabilities within our Leadership Competency Model to maximize their career growth. Cooper Standard's Global Talent Review Process provides regular insight into the knowledge, skills and abilities across the organization, and is our vehicle for preparing future talent through the assignment of jobs and targeted development actions.

At Cooper Standard, we invest in your development, provide access to colleagues from around the world and give you the opportunity to work with experienced, dedicated people so you can continuously challenge yourself and grow.


And with approximately 30,000 employees spanning 21 countries around the world, our culture embraces our employees’ unique backgrounds and encourages differing perspectives to help create a truly global workforce. The Cooper Standard team reflects the customers that we serve around the world, helping foster the working partnerships that allow them to do their job most efficiently and effectively.

We not only support minority partnerships within our own company, but encourage larger corporations to partner with minority businesses to help create a broader pool of qualified business partners.