' Cooper Standard – Why Cooper Standard?

What Sets Us Apart

Driving Value through Culture, Innovation and Results

Cooper Standard is a leading global automotive supplier, offering solutions in sealing, fuel and brake delivery and fluid transfer systems. With a clear, Profitable Growth Strategy and a strong commitment to investing in our employees, innovation and infrastructure, Cooper Standard anticipates its rapid growth in key markets around the world to continue.

Working as a partner to our customers, Cooper Standard is committed to solving specific engineering challenges or developing customized systems that meet our customers’ exact specifications through:

For those who want to work in an environment where they can contribute ideas and talents, can align their personal development goals with Company goals and have an input on the Company, products and communities we serve, Cooper Standard may be just the place for your passion.


To truly create something new that solves a problem and provides value, you must set different rules and create a separate pathway to success. That belief is essential to our i³ Process, which has enabled Cooper Standard to Imagine, Initiate and Innovate in areas of the automobile that haven’t been touched in 30, 40, sometimes 50+ years.

Inspired by some of the world’s most innovative companies and fueled by a diverse culture of collaboration that draws ideas from every corner of the business and beyond, Cooper Standard continually creates new value in everything we do.

Learn more about our i3 Process created to foster the innovation and contributions of our employees.

Vision, Mission and Values

Cooper Standard is innovating in place where you’d least expect it. We have a clear vision to drive for profitable growth and expand our leadership position in the global automotive industry by creating innovative solutions and long-term value for our stakeholders.

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Global Business

Cooper Standard continues to thrive in today's evolving automotive market. Our products are consistently on the top-selling global platforms and we continue to expand our footprint as we win new business in the global automotive market.

Community Involvement

Involvement takes heart. Cooper Standard's community initiatives reach far beyond providing financial assistance and we’re dedicated to supporting the community by donating our time and expertise to special causes.

The Cooper Standard Foundation, established April 1, 2013 to strengthen the communities in which Cooper Standard employees work and live, is our conduit for partnership and contribution to more than 70 organizations in 11 countries.

To inspire and excite students about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers, Cooper Standard launched its STEM Accelerator program in 2015. The programs provide the basis for volunteer training and educational STEM materials, while inspiring students with real life innovations, making challenging concepts easier to understand and sharing exciting job opportunities available through the pursuit of STEM education.

To provide career opportunities for military veterans and those transitioning from active service, the Company created the 'Careers for Veterans' program in 2014. Since its inception, the program has created a number of Veteran-focused programs and initiatives, including the internal “Salutes” program to help veterans connect and thrive inside and outside of the Company.