' Cooper Standard – Commitment to Our Veterans

Cooper Standard is devoted to honoring and supporting our military heroes through several initiatives focused on helping military veterans or their children integrate back to civilian life through education and ultimately employment.

In 2014, Cooper Standard started its Careers for Veterans program to help military heroes transition from active military service to careers in manufacturing. This program has helped many veterans gain employment by helping them attend community colleges through assistance with transportation, computers, books and transition training. As part of Cooper Standard’s commitment, we also co-developed and funded scholarships for the Next4Vets program specifically developed for women veterans navigating the business environment and support the Manufacturing Institute’s “Heroes Make America” which is a 10-week career skills program located at military bases to train exiting military personnel for careers in manufacturing.

Our support continues today with the hiring of veterans wherever possible in our business. To sustain and further support veterans joining Cooper Standard, the Company formed the Cooper Standard Salutes Affinity Group. Salutes places a high value on supporting veteran hiring, retention, advancement and representation at all levels of the organization.

Cooper Standard is extremely proud to team up with our newest military hero partner, Folds of Honor, as they give back to the families of fallen and wounded heroes with the lifelong gift of education by granting scholarships to the children and spouses for these heroes. Together with the Michigan Colleges Alliance, we provide unique opportunities for full scholarships to MCA schools for children of heroes with special circumstances.

To make an even greater impact, Cooper Standard created a partnership between Folds of Honor and the Michigan Colleges Alliance (a collection of 14 private colleges and universities in Michigan). Folds of Honor is providing six Cooper Standard-sponsored education scholarships of $10,000 each to the families of fallen or disabled service members for the 2018/2019 school year. And, beginning in 2019, the partnership plans to award at least one $25,000 scholarship that will be matched by MCA to provide a full-ride scholarship to a deserving student. Learn more.