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Heater/ Coolant Hoses

Heater/Coolant Hoses

From raw material mixing to hose extrusion, forming and assembly, Cooper Standard produces hoses of varying materials, constructions and sizes for applications that include (but are not limited to) radiator, heater, transmission and battery cooling. Hoses are designed and developed at the company’s facilities to meet each customer’s performance requirements.


ArmorHose™ is a thin layer of abrasive resistant material that replaces the need for abrasive sleeves. Because the material is co-extruded with the hose, routing and placement concerns associated with abrasion sleeves are eliminated. ArmorHose™ can be applied to most EPDM and TPV materials, and can also serve as a barrier to oil-based products.

ArmorHose™ TPV

ArmorHose™ TPV is an inherently non-conductive material solution that offers superior weight reduction and end-to-end abrasion resistance protection.

DPF and SCR Emissions Lines

DPF and SCR Emissions Lines

Stainless steel lines which transports urea from the tank to the DPF (diesel particulate filter) or exhaust line to burn-off the accumulated particulates. Cooper Standard lines enable diesel powertrains to meet strict emission requirements.

Transmission Hose, and Hose and Tube Assemblies

Transmission Oil Cooling Hoses

Reinforced hose assemblies used to cool transmission systems to increase transmission efficiency and longevity.

Degas Tanks

Used in the cooling system to allow the antifreeze and air in the system to expand with rising temperature and pressures. Cooper Standard offers innovative designs that save space and maximize the system performance.

Air Intake and Charge

Hoses and molded assemblies used to bring air into the intake system of an automobile.

Turbo Charger Hoses

Used to cool the turbo charger using either Glycol or oil to maximize the performance of the system.

Secondary Air Hoses

Used for vacuum systems for turbo’s, brakes and EGR’s.

Brake and Clutch Hoses

High-performance assemblies used for hydraulic-based brake and clutch systems where high pressures are required.

Quick Connect

Used to provide a quick and reliable connection in most fluid systems. Cooper Standard offers a wide range of VDA quick connects, as well as has the ability to design and manufacture customer-specific quick connectors.