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>MagAlloy (corrosion protection)

MagAlloy™ (Corrosion Protection)

Designed for brake lines, the high-pressure, double-wall, brazed steel tubes and threaded fittings that run from the master cylinder to the brake (e.g. block / rotor). Available in a variety of coatings to meet the most stringent corrosion requirements.

Gen III Posi-Lock Quick Connector

Gen III Posi-Lock™ Quick Connector

A new and innovative product design that focuses on enhanced capabilities involving performance in use, ease of assembly and improved serviceability versus competitive offerings in the market today. Cooper Standard’s Gen III Posi-Lock™ Quick Connector is designed to meet the growing double-lock trend in fuel systems with proven robust quick connect joints.

PA9T Multi-Layer Tube

PA9T Multi-Layer Tube

Cooper Standard’s latest multi-layer tube that provides higher temperature resistance, low extractable/oligomers performance and low permeation. This fuel tube is available in conductive and non-conductive constructions.