Cooper Standard’s i3 Process was designed to harness and capitalize on the creative energy of one of our best assets – our employees. The initiative works to further drive a culture of innovation by gathering ideas from anyone within the company or our supply partners. Since its inception, participation in the program has exceeded our expectations.

The process, which includes three basic steps – Imagine, Initiate and Innovate – works to identify the most radical or game-changing ideas to be presented to the company’s Global Technology Council, which consists of Cooper Standard’s top R&D executives. Projects presented to the Global Technology Council are then evaluated for potential production.

The i3 Process encourages and accepts all ideas. If they do not fall into the innovation or product development categories, the ideas are transferred to the correct department of expertise for consideration as a project.

Since its inception, the Global Technology Council has reviewed new ideas from regions across the globe representing sealing and trim, fuel and brake delivery, fluid transfer, antivibration systems, lean, purchasing and others. Of the submissions received to date, more than 30 projects have been assigned to the Global Innovation team: more than 25 to the Europe Product Development team and more than 10 to the North America Product Development team. The assigned projects have a varying level of activity based on the priority of the project as defined by its economical impact, strategic alignment, available resources, voice of the customer and other key factors. The i3 Process, combined with our employees’ passion and ideas, has changed the way Cooper Standard thinks about products, processes and materials, and has bolstered our global culture of innovation. It is this type of collaboration that will aid Cooper Standard in achieving our “Top 30/Top 5” goal.