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Renewable Energy Solutions

solar seal

Our innovative solutions for renewable energy applications improve performance and sealing characteristics for conditions such as friction, wear and high-pressure operations. This gives our products lasting durability.

For solar applications, our specially designed soft mount pads are compatible with many commercial rooftop membranes. The pads feature a combination of two materials that create a barrier or cushion between the rooftop and racking system. The expanded polypropylene material properties allow the pads to conform to the rooftop surface while maintaining strength and durability over time.

Cooper Standard ISG offers a wide variety of custom isolators for steel fabricators, photovoltaic (PV) panel manufacturers and PV panel installers. The typical isolator is designed to protect the PV panel glass from the mounting clip used in a racking system.


Custom Extrusions

We develop closed-cell sponge and dense EPDM materials that provide superior performance in outdoor environments.

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Molded Components

Work with our engineers to develop solutions that meet your project's unique design and performance requirements. 

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