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window and door seals

クーパー・スタンダードは、商業用および住宅用の窓やドア、店舗用 、その他の建物用途のシールやガスケットを設計しています。


窓 & ドア性能

  • 標準& カスタムプロファイル
  • 成形コーナー& フレーム
  • カスタム材料混合
  • ゴム&プラスチック
  • UL材料
  • クローズドセルスポンジ& 高密度複合材
Our Capabilities

Custom Extrusions

Our profiles can range from simple EPDM glazing seals to dual- and tri-durometer extrusions that combine multiple materials.

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Molded Components

Vulcanized or transfer molded corners provide a superior solution to butt joints in critical window and door sealing applications.

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Our Products

Commercial Seals

Our engineered glazing seals, curtain wall systems, storefront gaskets and architectural components deliver long-lasting performance.

Residential Weatherstripping

Seals for residential applications feature excellent weatherability, compression set and rebound properties to improve window and door performance.

Slide-In Seals

Our iDea® Seal product line is perfect for commercial applications. With a rigid plastic slide-in base, these non-stretch seals will help you speed up production.

Silicone Teardrop Seals

Easily install this UL-listed self-adhesive teardrop profile, which provides an excellent air/smoke seal. 

Setting Blocks

An 85 +/-5 durometer silicone setting block is durable, UV resistant and compatible with most sealants. (Job specific compatibility testing is recommended.)

Door Sweeps

Created for a strong seal against air, moisture and dust in any weather conditions, our door sweep is made from environmentally friendly PVC-FREE materials that are more durable and resistant to tears and cracks.

EPDM Door Seals

Standard and extended reach door seals offer a high-performance solution for entry door systems. A dual-durometer EPDM design prevents water wicking while providing UV and weathering resistance. 

Gasket Frames

Transfer molding can create simple corners or complex frames made up of multiple dissimilar profiles. Vulcanized corners can be installed as a single component, reducing the potential for leaks and improving assembly.

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