i3 Process: Company Culture Fuels Innovation

Cooper Standard believes that to innovate, you must establish new pathways to success. That’s why we created the i³ Process, which has enabled Cooper Standard to imagine, initiate and innovate areas of the automobile that haven’t been touched in decades.

To more effectively harness and explore employees’ valuable insight and innovative ideas, the i³ Process consists of three basic steps:

  1. Imagine: an idea that pertains to products, processes and materials related to Cooper Standard’s current core product streams in fluid transfer, sealing and trim, fuel and brake delivery, and anti-vibration systems.
  2. Initiate: the innovation process by submitting a simple online form, which will be evaluated by the Global Technology Council.
  3. Innovate: approved projects will enter into the innovation or product development stage-gate process until project completion.

Our Innovation Team drives the i³ Process by identifying the most radical or game-changing ideas to be presented to Cooper Standard’s Global Technology Council, which consists of top R&D executives who evaluate potential production.

The Global Technology Council reviews approximately 30 submissions quarterly. Ideas approved for further action are assigned either to the Innovation Group or to one of the regional product development organizations according to established criteria.

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