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Sealing Products


An innovative material technology that is changing the automotive industry's expectations of static weatherseal system performance and aesthetics.

  • Glass Runs Systems (Frame Under Glass and Channel Mounted)
  • Below Waist Extrusion
  • Inner Belts
  • Outer Belts


Decorative Foil

Decorative foils provide a cost effective and wide variety of aesthetically pleasing upgrades to the marketplace without compromising performance.



Texa-Fib is a cost effective textile surface design alternative with superior wear performance.

2K Outer Waist Belt

2K Outer Waist Belt

Combining rigid and flexible material technologies, Cooper Standard’s 2k Outer Waist Belts enable the design of complex contours to achieve premium aesthetics.

Dynamic Seals

Cooper Standard designs and manufactures a range of dynamic sealing products to eliminate wind noise and water leaks, including:

  • On-door Seals (Primary)
  • On-body Seals (Secondary)
  • Liftgate and Deck Lid Seals
  • Hood Seals (Radiator, Cowl, Etc.)
  • Margin Seals
  • Rocker Seals
  • Sunroof Seals
  • Convertible Top Seal

Static Seals

Cooper Standard designs and manufactures a range of static sealing products to eliminate wind noise and water leaks, including:

  • Glass Runs
  • Outer Belts
  • Inner Belts
  • Below Belt Channels
  • Glass Encapsulation
  • Appliqués
  • Roof Ditch Molding

Encapsulated Glass

Provides the ability to seamlessly integrate a front or rear quarter glass into the sealing system for superior performance. The encapsulation is either a standalone component or can be integrated into the glass run channel to reduce customer complexity and provide a seamless transition between the two parts.

Specialty Sealing Products

Obstacle Detection Sensor (ODS)™

Cooper Standard's Obstacle Detection Sensors combines proximity and tactile sensing into one seal to allow for the automatic reversal of windows or door partitions to prevent a pinching injury. ODS can be integrated into the system (glass run) or taped on the application to sense both animate and inanimate objects. Proximity sensing reverses the window / door with zero pinch force as it is able to sense, by the capacitance, an animate object. Tactile sensing reverses the window at < 30nm; well below the current industry technology.

Specialized Trim Solutions

Stainless Steel Trim

Aesthetically pleasing, while eliminating knit lines and end caps.

Aesthetic Sealing Enhancements


Systems that improve sight line by eliminating the gap between the glass and appliqué. The gap elimination also improves aerodynamics, which can lead to improved fuel economy.

Variable Extrusion

Provides the ability to vary the thinness of the profile, which localizes the seal to accommodate different mating areas. Also allows for greater design flexibility and offers customers instantaneous and continuous options.


Environmentally Conscious Seals

Agrifiber Seals

Made with materials that are filled with natural fibers, such as hemp, wheat straw or kenaf. By utilizing these natural fibers in sealing systems, Cooper Standard is displacing petroleum-based materials, while also at the same time reducing the weight of its products