' Cooper Standard – Product Solutions

Cooper Standard drives value by continuing to provide our customers with superior products. We listen intently and adjust to customer feedback to produce solutions that reduce weight, lower emissions, enhance design and improve performance. Our blueprint for product development, design and manufacturing has standardized best business practices across the organization to ensure safety, quality, reliability and sustained excellence in every area of the business. Our culture of innovation, especially in the areas of material science, enables Cooper Standard to innovate in areas of the automobile that haven’t been touched in decades.

Sealing Systems

As the global leader in vehicle sealing, no other company in the world designs and sells as many solutions to improve comfort for vehicle occupants. Our sealing technologies reduce weight, while improving cabin acoustics, passenger comfort and aerodynamics. Click to learn more.

Fuel & Brake Delivery Systems

As the second largest global supplier of automotive fuel and brake delivery systems, Cooper Standard provides products for the traditional fuel and brake market, while also driving new innovations to meet emerging needs and technologies. Cooper Standard is uniquely advantaged in our ability to produce double-walled tubing, which adds superior strength and reliability to products. Click to learn more.

Fluid Transfer Systems

As the third largest provider of fluid transfer systems in the world, Cooper Standard’s products control, sense and deliver fluids and vapors for optimal powertrain, heating, ventilation and air conditioning operation. Our portfolio of fluid transfer products addresses the full spectrum of temperature requirements, while offering game-changing weight reduction, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection and finished assembly aesthetics. Click to learn more.