' Cooper Standard – Speak Up for Integrity

At Cooper Standard, Integrity Drives Us to be honest, ethical and responsible. Our Code of Conduct defines these expected behaviors and applies to all directors, officers, and employees of the Company and its subsidiaries, including our chief executive officer, chief financial officer and controller. When something doesn’t seem right, we expect you to take action to address the issue and report it to Cooper Standard. You should report any suspected or actual violations of our Code of Conduct to one of the Company’s ethics reporting resources.

Ethics Reporting Resources

We have established a number of ethics reporting resources for employees and third parties to report any suspected or actual violations of our Code of Conduct.

Employees can report violations to their supervisor or manager, to any member of the Human Resources team, the legal department, or ethics and compliance office (ethicsandcompliance@cooperstandard.com.) in addition to using any of the following methods. Third parties may also report violations using these methods:

Contact the IntegrityLine

The Cooper Standard IntegrityLine is a reporting service hosted by a third-party provider, Navex Global, that allows you to ask a question or submit a report online or obtain a toll-free hotline number. Where allowed by local law, you may choose to submit a report anonymously. For more information about the IntegrityLine, please see these commonly asked questions.

Contact the Legal Department

You can report known or suspected violations of law or our policies or ask for guidance to the Legal Department or ethics and compliance office by emailing ethicsandcompliance@cooperstandard.com.

Contact the Global Ethics and Compliance Committee

You can call or write to any member of the Global Ethics and Compliance Committee:

Contact the Board of Directors

We will post on our website any amendment to, or waiver from, a provision of our policies that applies to our chief executive officer, chief financial officer, or controller, and that relates to any of the following elements of these policies: honest and ethical conduct; disclosure in reports or documents filed by the Company with the SEC and in other public communications; compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations; prompt internal reporting of code violations; and accountability for adherence to the policies.

Complaints or reports relating to accounting, financial, internal accounting controls or auditing matters (regardless of the amount cited in the report) may be made anonymously to the Board of Directors by sending correspondence to:

  • Office of the Secretary Cooper-Standard Automotive Inc.
    39550 Orchard Hill Place
    Novi, MI 48375

The Secretary will review and forward all communications, except for communications that are outside the scope of Board matters, to the Board members you designate or to the members most closely related to the subject matter of the communication. The Secretary will retain a copy of all communications

What can you expect when you speak up?

No matter how or when you make a report, you can expect to be treated with respect.

  • We will take your report seriously and appreciate the integrity you show by coming forward.
  • We will investigate all reports promptly, thoroughly and fairly. You are expected to participate in investigations when asked.
  • While we will make reasonable efforts to safeguard confidentiality during and after the investigation, it might be necessary to disclose certain sensitive information on a need-to-know basis to conduct an effective investigation.
  • We will take appropriate action to end unlawful or unethical activity. And we will not tolerate retaliation against you for your report.