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HVAC Sealing Solutions

Cooper Standard Industrial & Specialty Group (ISG) offers a unique combination of expertise in engineering, materials science, production and industry compliance to help our HVAC industry partners design, develop and optimize any seal or gasket component for optimum performance in their equipment. 

We also provide expertise in engineering capabilities, including computerized finite element analysis designed to help create the optimum sealing solution to help meet any HVAC demands.

With a renewed emphasis on service to the HVAC industry, we offer high quality components to order and will work with you to modify an existing design for optimum value. We also offer complete customized designs from the ground up for maximum results. In fact, the earlier in the design process you tap into ISG’s proven expertise the better—ISG can be a highly successful development partner for any high volume HVAC equipment manufacturer. 

Optimized HVAC Components

hvac components

ISG produces a wide variety of high quality rubber, silicone and plastic seals, gaskets, vibration dampers, aesthetic features and other component solutions for HVAC applications, including:

  • Air Duct Seals
  • Boots & Bellows
  • Damper Blade Seals
  • Airfoil Blade Seals
  • Condensation Drain Tubing
  • Strut Covers
  • Shock Mounts
  • Laminated Gaskets
  • Access Door Gaskets
  • Residential Furnace Seals
  • Compressor Motor Mounts
  • And Much More
Regulatory Expertise

Cooper Standard ISG compliance expertise helps you design and develop components and adhesive systems to meet a wide variety of challenging domestic and global regulations—as well as your own engineering standards. We also offer inhouse preliminary testing services to help reduce costs and quicken the development and validation phases providing a faster time to market.


Our expertise helps you meet the highest standards of heat and fire resistance demanded by UL746, including evaluation of a broad spectrum of short and long term component properties.


ISG seal and gasket materials meet the UL555S demands for smoke damping, focusing on tested properties including adhesion, thermal aging, burn rate and smoke generation.


Materials that meet flame resistance requirements, including horizontal and vertical burn, as well as section 5VB and 5VA, which require self-extinguishing over five repeated protocols.


ISG keeps on top of the continually updated REACH Annex XV, Annex XIV, Annex XVII and SIN lists, ensuring that your materials remain compliant with regulations.


ISG expertise can help maintain compliance with European efforts to reduce hazardous substance release throughout the entire electronic product life cycle.

Materials Expertise

Cooper Standard Industrial & Specialty Group engineers can provide rubber and thermoplastic materials knowledge and compounding expertise that is unmatched in the HVAC industry. No matter what the challenge, ISG can help custom develop an extruded or molded product to meet it. The high performance elastomers in our portfolio include:


Resistant to outdoor environments, EPDM is the go-to for many HVAC applications. ISG expertise encompasses standard EPDM as well as specialty formulations like sponge, low compression deflection and colorized products.


ISG silicone compounding expertise is second to none, with both dense and sponge formulations available, as well as expertise in related laminates and ensuring UL certifiability.


ISG’s extensive PVC expertise encompasses grades from rubbery soft to semi-rigid to rigid, providing flame resistance, chemical resistance, tensile strength and other vital properties to HVAC applications.


A proprietary ISG innovation, Fortrex™ is a lightweight elastomer with a unique property set, demonstrating excellent compression, high weatherability and aesthetic performance—and it’s environmentally-friendly as well.

Broad Material Portfolio

Cooper Standard ISG is a single-source supplier of many other high quality rubber and plastic materials, including neoprene, nitrile, polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon and more.

Value-Added Capabilities

Cooper Standard ISG can provide a wide variety of in-house engineering and manufacturing expertise, investing in knowledge and equipment that can prepare parts strategically to reduce your assembly time and labor costs, and optimize workflow in your plant.

Adhesive laminating

ISG maintains world-class adhesive system expertise relative to plastic, silicone and rubber substrates, and can specify the optimum adhesive, balancing performance, cost, UL certifications and more. We also apply it and install a peel-off liner for fast integration into your workflow.

Custom cutting

Why cut in your facility? Save labor and reduce waste by having ISG expertly cut your extrusions to the exact lengths you need, maintaining accuracy and quality even under the tightest tolerances.

Machining and related services

ISG can provide various other value-added services such as film welding; drilling; surface coating application; hot, cold and transfer splicing; and more. Review our Custom Extrusions page or contact an engineer for more details.

Specialty Solutions

Cooper Standard ISG brings a wide range of specialized capabilities unique among HVAC seal and gasket providers. These featured solutions, delivered by a value-adding partner, can help you optimize performance and reduce cost in your operation, and can include:

iDea® Seal Technology

A pioneering ISG capability, iDea® Seals technology creates a rigid plastic base that will smoothly slide into a channel, eliminating the need for secondary mechanical fastening, saving assembly time and reducing costs.

Download our iDea® Seal Product Sheet to learn more.

Molded Products

For large and/or intricate profiles, ISG offers extensive expertise in molding rubber and plastic seals and gaskets, using processes including compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding and more.

Rubber To Metal Bonding

A complex process demanding tight tolerances, specialized materials and processing expertise, rubber to metal bonding can enable a host of performance advantages including vibration damping, longer component life, superior insulation and more.

Push-On Trim Seals

Cooper Standard ISG’s high performance push-on trim seals are easy to install—simply push into place. These trim seals protect edges of components and look great too.

QuickEdge™ Seals

A patented solution to a common issue, ISG QuickEdge® trims provide a fast, easy way to install a decorative or protective edge on any equipment. Just push it down on the exposed edge to engage tremendous permanent gripping power.

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