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Molded Components

molded components

We specialize in large and intricate molded seals and gaskets. Our capabilities include compression molded, transfer molded or injection molded products from various rubber and plastic materials.

In addition, we provide solutions for rubber bonding, molded details, molded corners and overmolding applications. Our vibration dampening components have been used in the specialty automotive, building products, medical, marine and food industries as well as many others.

Rubber Bonding

During the molding process, an elastomer is vulcanized and bonded directly to a metal or plastic substrate creating products that are typically used to dampen noise or vibration. 

Molded End Details

A rubber or plastic material is molded around or conjoined to a polymer extrusion or other component. Proper tooling enables this complex process to work for tight tolerances.

Molded Joints

Rubber is injected under high pressure to bond the two pieces into a complete corner, creating a strong joint and superior sealing performance. Learn more

Vibration Isolation

Our vibration solutions include wire pass through grommets, mount assemblies, finishing components, insulation and spacers.