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Foodservice Equipment Sealing Solutions

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Cooper Standard Industrial & Specialty Group (ISG) delivers expert materials knowledge— including silicones, EPDMs, thermoplastics and more, as well as engineering capabilities—including computerized finite element analysis—to help our customers design a sealing solution for optimum performance in any food service equipment application.

Our seals help manufacturers ensure that their food service equipment stands up effectively to key challenges such as keeping temperatures constant for energy efficiency and product integrity, maintaining mechanical properties such as compression set for long-term operating cycles, protecting delicate components against vibration, and much more, as the individual application demands.

Further, we have a portfolio of proven high-performance materials that deliver outstanding mechanical and temperature capabilities while meeting the wide ranging and stringent demands of the FDA, NSF, UL and other regulatory bodies.

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We work closely with equipment manufacturers to optimize seal and gasket design for outstanding performance on new or existing equipment. Our team partners with manufacturers throughout the entire development and manufacturing cycle. From material selection (to address cost and market availability) through specialized processes (such as pre-cutting, packaging, and adding peel-off adhesive for easier handling and assembly), our experts stand ready to assist customers with their unique needs.  

Optimizing Food Service Equipment Components

Whether it’s temperature-controlled equipment, such as refrigerators and ovens, or food handling and preparation equipment such as food processors, Cooper Standard ISG develops sealing solutions for some of the world’s largest and most demanding manufacturers. Look to Cooper Standard ISG for new and redesigned components including:

  • Door Seals 
  • Seals & Gaskets 
  • Anti-Microbial Seals 
  • Temperature Resistant Oven Door Seals 
  • Seal Boots 
  • Convoluted Drain Tubes for Coolers 
  • Molded Rubber Feet/Bumpers to Protect Floors/Counters 
  • Door and Compartment Seals 
  • Vibration Dampening for Compressors 
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealing Systems 
  • Gaskets for Flange Connections 
  • V-rings 
  • O-Rings and Static Seals 
  • And More 


Learn more about our sealing systems and how we can optimize your foodservice applications. 

Meeting Compliance Challenges

It’s a priority for us to help our customers stay on the right side of all domestic and international regulatory demands that impact food service equipment manufacturers. 

FDA Title 21 

Delivering high-performing, FDA white-listed polymeric and rubber materials help protect equipment from food contact.

NSF International 

Ensuring that all seals and gaskets specified for food service equipment meet the NSF's wide range of safety and sanitation standards. 


Cooper Standard ISG seal and gasket materials meet UL555S demands for smoke damping and have been tested and certified accordingly. 


Our extruded and molded materials have been proven to meet flame resistance requirements, including horizontal and vertical burn, section 5VB and 5VA. 


Cooper Standard ISG materials effectively prevent the transference of liquid, gas or vapor, and ensure property retention through heat aging, fluid immersion and other environmental testing protocols. 


We monitor the continual updates made to REACH Annex XV, Annex XIV, Annex XVII and SIN lists ensuring that materials remain compliant with regulations for European customers. 


We can help maintain compliance with European efforts to reduce hazardous substance release throughout the entire electronic product life cycle.

Sealing Materials Expertise

Whether designing and developing a new product, working to improve the sealing capabilities in an existing one, or identifying a high-performing alternative to an incumbent material, Cooper Standard ISG engineers offer optimum benefits in high-performance rubber and thermoplastic materials, including neoprene, nitrile, polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon and more.


Does your application need silicone, rubber or plastic? Explore the science behind the selection process. 

The Difference Between Rubber and Plastic   |   EPDM VS. Silicone


Cooper Standard ISG is highly experienced at specifying and compounding silicone for extreme temperature applications, including low and high-temperature storage equipment. We offer dense and sponge silicone formulations, provide color options, and meet FDA/NSF compliance regulations. Learn more about our silicone's working temperature or custom silicone extrusions.  


EPDM offers excellent compression performance with a favorable cost profile. Cooper Standard ISG formulates the material to meet FDA/NSF requirements, with available products in sponge and dense materials and colorized options. See more about our EPDM materials and how we can help optimize your applications with high-quality rubber. 


PVC is a go-to thermoplastic vinyl for many door sealing applications because of its low cost and heat-weldable capabilities, which allow for flexible manufacturing and assembly. Our proven PVC processing expertise involves —spanning grades from rubbery soft, to semi-rigid, to rigid. This process can help food service equipment manufacturers achieve outstanding sealing solutions at even the most sensitive budget levels. See why our plastic materials are the best for meeting your applications' demands. 


Cooper Standard ISG engineers can help you develop a superior cost/performance value story with our in-house thermoplastic material expertise, including polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, Santoprene, and Fortrex™. Learn more about our thermoplastic materials and how they can improve your next project. 

Value-Added Manufacturing Capabilities

Part of our process as a partner includes strategically adding value to help optimize workflows and reduce assembly time and labor costs. We provide services such as film welding, drilling, surface coating applications, hot and cold transfer-splicing and more. Review our custom extrusions page or contact an engineer for more details.   

Adhesive Laminating

Applying a peel-off adhesive to a delivered part helps to quickly attach the seal in your facility, lowering labor costs. We even provide many FDA/NSF adhesives approved for food contact that can speed the assembly of ice makers, refrigerators, ovens and more. Learn more about choosing the proper rubber adhesives

Custom Component Printing

Customized seal printing solutions are valuable to production or communication processes. They can include everything from the printing of a part number, or placement symbols, to printing “FDA Approved” messages to instill confidence in retailers or customers. 

Custom Cutting

Cooper Standard ISG custom cuts extrusions to the exact lengths needed. Cutting processes include punching, angle cutting, notching, and drilling to fit the seal precisely to the application form and improve assembly.


We pre-glue long seal lengths with expert quality control and FDA/NSF-approved adhesives to save you assembly steps at your facility.

Specialty Solutions

Cooper Standard ISG offers a number of specialized capabilities that optimize performance and reduce assembly costs. 

Multi-Durometer Extrusions

Our world-class extrusion expertise involves using individual thermoplastics, thermosets, EPDM and silicones. We also extrude multiple materials into a single part to optimize essential properties, such as compression and/or the insertion of rigid material. See more about our custom extrusion solutions.

Rubber To Metal Bonding

Metal (often aluminum or steel) and rubber hybrid components can also be created using FDA/NSF-compliant adhesives, which are effective for bottom bumper and vibration-damping applications. Cooper Standard ISG engineers are experts in optimizing process parameters and maintaining tight tolerances to achieve the highest quality results. Learn more about our molding strategies and how our materials and vast processes can best suit your application. 


Cooper Standard ISG can tap into expertise in compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding and more. From molded features such as O-rings and other multi-dimensional features, we ensure that our silicones are FDA/NSF approved and utilized in foodservice equipment applications. Learn more about our molding expertise and solutions. 

Custom Packaging

Components can be shipped individually in sealed airtight bags to protect them from dust, dirt and contaminants, providing more convenient access for assembly personnel.

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