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Lighting Fixture Sealing Solutions

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Lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor commercial, industrial and institutional grade applications, such as schools, hospitals, tunnels, and stadiums, demand robust construction to help guard against environmental challenges like heat, water, dust, and more.

Cooper Standard Industrial & Specialty Group (ISG) delivers specialized knowledge in a wide variety of materials for your lighting needs, including sulfur-free, non-fogging silicones. We also provide expertise in engineering capabilities, including computerized finite element analysis designed to help create the optimum sealing solution to help meet the demands of any lighting application.

Our extruded and molded seals are designed to keep water, dirt and fog out, all while building long-term durability and ensuring that UL, NEMA, IEC and other regulatory demands are met. 

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Cooper Standard ISG can design or re-design seals for various light fixtures, such as LED, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, mercury vapor, and high-pressure sodium, to help lower overall cost and create optimum lamp protection, performance and operation. 

Meeting Compliance Challenges

Cooper Standard ISG offers in-house expertise in meeting the regulations and standards that impact lighting manufacturers’ seal design and materials selection, including:


In relentless high temperatures, applications such as high-end lighting fixtures, resistance to flammability and smoking, and self-extinguishing capabilities are key to maximum safety and performance. Cooper Standard ISG materials experts have many high-performing options that meet the requirements of UL 94 5VA, UL 94VO, UL 55S, and more. 


The National Electrical Manufacturers Association has many standards that impact lighting seals, mainly relating to water ingress and flammability. Cooper Standard ISG is familiar with every relevant spec and can help ensure that every fixture you manufacture meets the criteria successfully. 


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) classifies standards for ingression (IP) against water, dust, accidental contact and more. Cooper Standard ISG tests materials to IP ratings to meet any need.  


Sealing Materials Expertise Optimizes Lighting Performance

Cooper Standard ISG engineers offer lighting manufacturers unmatched materials knowledge and compounding expertise when trying to meet stringent performance requirements. Knowing which material is the best option for a seal's environment and longevity while balancing cost is key. Not sure if your application needs rubber or plastic? Check out our webpage about the difference between EPDM vs. Silicone, and explore the science behind the selection process. 


Cooper Standard ISG compounds high-performing, sulfur-free silicones to ensure no fog or haze is transferred during high-temperature conditions, and the fixture is fully protected. In addition, Cooper Standard ISG is well known for its array of high-performing colorized silicones for aesthetics or branding purposes. Learn more about our silicone properties and capabilities. 


For non-LED fixtures, EPDM can often provide cost-effective temperature resistance, compression set and other mechanical performance properties in many situations. See more about our EPDM materials. 

Reduce Labor & Assembly Time with Value-Added Sealing Capabilities

Cooper Standard ISG offers its partners an array of add-on services that can help reduce assembly time, labor costs and optimize workflows in facilities. 

Adhesive Laminating

Applying a peel-off adhesive to your seal before shipping, allows a quicker and easier installation into each fixture, saving assembly time and reducing labor costs. Learn more about choosing the rubber adhesives that best fit your needs. 

Custom Cutting

We can cut your extrusions to the exact length needed, as well a precision notch or punch seals to fit over bolts and other features in your fixture.

Custom Splicing

Cooper Standard ISG can create custom o-rings and other continuous seals by utilizing high-quality splicing processes, such as adhesives, heat splicing and transfer molding to help save assembly time and ensure tight tolerance and accuracy.

Custom Molding

Cooper Standard ISG can deliver optimal manufacturing solutions to custom mold seals, gaskets and high-quality extrusions for applications that are small, complex or multi-dimensional. Learn more about our molding expertise and solutions. 

Assembly Coatings

Cooper Standard ISG can provide every seal with a custom-selected coating to reduce the coefficient of friction on the material, enhancing the speed and ease of manual assembly.

Custom Component Printing

Customized seal printing solutions are valuable to production or communication processes, and can include everything from the printing of a part number or placement symbols, to printing “FDA Approved” messages to instill confidence in retailers or customers.

Specialty Solutions

Cooper Standard ISG can deliver a number of specialized capabilities designed to optimize performance and reduce assembly costs in any lighting application.

Multi-Durometer Extrusions

Gaining maximum performance properties often calls for specifying multiple materials or grades of material together in a single part—such as a dense silicone connector combined with a flexible sponge silicone section. Cooper Standard ISG can strategically extrude multiple materials to improve functionality. See more about our custom extrusion solutions.

Rubber To Metal Bonding

We can help reduce labor costs, improve quality, save time and aid in fixture assembly by over-molding retainers, clips or similar attachment mechanisms. Learn more about our molding strategies and how we can best suit your application. 

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