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Innovative Sealing Solutions for Enclosures Applications

enclosure sealsCooper Standard Industrial & Specialty Group (ISG) designs and optimizes highly effective seals and gaskets for portable and stationary enclosures such as boxes, cases, pails, drums, cabinets and containers. ISG materials and engineering expertise create customized sealing solutions that ensure sensitive electronic or medical equipment stays isolated from ambient conditions, while hazardous chemicals remain safely and securely within their protective vessels. We provide expertise in computerized finite element analysis designed to help create sealing solutions to help meet the demands of any enclosure application. FEA Analysis Video


Cooper Standard ISG works to identify the optimum balance of properties such as compression set, water tightness, chemical resistance, low-temperature resistance, fire and heat resistance, dirt and dust protection, and more at a competitive price point. 

Go-To Partner in Design & Engineering

We offer a unique combination of expertise to help our enclosure manufacturing partners and their suppliers achieve maximum performance and save time and money.

Cooper Standard ISG Engineering Services

Partner with us to receive the best combination of materials, product design and value-added capabilities for your application's superior sealing and fluid handling performance.

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High Quality Enclosure Seals

ISG is your go-to source for high-performing seals and gaskets for enclosure applications including: 

  • Electrical Box Seals 
  • Toolbox Seals 
  • Storage Compartment Seals 
  • Lids and Pail Gaskets 
  • Gallon Drum Gaskets 
  • Fire/Heat Resistant Box Seals 
  • Low Temperature Resistant Seals 
  • General Case Seals 
  • Food Packaging Seals 
  • Stationary Enclosure Seals 
  • Cabinet Seals 
  • Truck Body Seals 
Helping you Meet Compliance Challeneges

Cooper Standard ISG experts ensure enclosure applications meet rigorous safety and performance demands by offering a broad portfolio of materials, extensive application expertise and world-class testing and validation tools.

Cooper Standard Silicone GasketsUnderwriters Laboratories 

We design and test products to ensure ultimate success in UL protocols, such as UL10B and UL10C for fire resistant products and UL157 to effectively contain liquid, gas or vapor.

National Sanitation Foundation

NSF/ANSI 51 and NSF/ANSI 61 product certifications for food and drinking water can often impact enclosure manufacturing. ISG helps ensure that plastic and elastomer materials used in vessels encountering food fully meet all applicable end-use public health and sanitation requirements. 

Silicone Extruded & Molded SealsUnited States Food and Drug Administration 

Drums, containers and other enclosures that contain food products or sensitive medical equipment and supplies must often meet stringent FDA requirements. ISG delivers the materials and design expertise to help ensure that all seals, gaskets and other components comply with relevant aspects of Title 21. 


We continually monitor REACH Annex XV, Annex XIV, Annex XVII and SIN lists, as well as RoHS material restrictions, ensuring that your seals remain compliant with all regulations. 

Materials Expertise

Cooper Standard ISG engineers provide extensive materials knowledge and compounding expertise in designing and developing enclosure seals. Whether it's a new "drawing board" project or working to improve an existing product, we help identify the best solution to balance competing performance requirements at a competitive price. Explore the science behind the selection process by checking out our webpage about the difference between EPDM and Neoprene. Also, be sure to read more about our high-quality materials we process.  


As a high-performance material with outstanding compression, silicone can be second to none for many enclosure applications. Cooper Standard ISG delivers outstanding compounding expertise, ensuring optimum performance. Learn more about our silicone properties and capabilities. 


With a highly desirable array of properties, EPDM is a go-to material for many enclosure manufacturers. Cooper Standard ISG specifies the best variation, including standard and specialty formulations.  See more about our EPDM materials and how we optimize applications with high-quality rubber. 

Neoprene & Nitrile

Synthetic rubber materials deliver a wide range of properties in enclosure applications, including chemical, weather, and abrasion resistance. They are especially pertinent for vessels containing hydrocarbon-based fluids, as well as acids and dry-cleaning fluids. Cooper Standard ISG engineers are experts at identifying the optimum material needed for enclosure applications. Learn more about our high-quality rubber materials. 


Materials including polypropylene, TPE and TPB offer excellent sealing properties at competitive price points. We help identify the best material for your application. Learn more about our thermoplastic materials or contact us to assist you with your next project. 

Value-Added Manufacturing Capabilities

Cooper Standard ISG identifies opportunities to add value, providing our customers with not only a seal but a seal that is ready to assemble in their facilities. Contact an engineer for more details.   

Adhesive Laminating

For seals that will be glued into place on the enclosure, Cooper Standard ISG identifies the correct adhesive for desired performance and applies a peel-off, pressure-sensitive adhesive strip for assembly ease. Learn more about how to choose the proper rubber adhesives for enclosure applications. 

Custom Cutting

We custom-cut seals to the exact length needed for each unit, as well as angle-cutting ends, notching, drilling, and more to save fabrication time in-house.


For enclosures requiring continuous seals such as o-rings or four-cornered frames, seal lengths can be spliced to for a precise fit to your application, providing time and labor savings.


Applying automotive grade polyurethane-based and other high-quality coatings can help attain specialized properties, such as reducing the coefficient of friction, or maintaining seal integrity under low temperature conditions.  

Push On Trim Seals

Available in a variety of materials and profiles, our push-on trim seals are excellent at providing extreme gripping power, optimum aesthetics, and ease of installation. See our wide variety of push-on trim seals in our catalog. 

QuickEdge® Trim Seals

Patented QuickEdge® trims create a high-quality protective edge that snap into place instantly and last forever. Featuring a metal core, durable QuickEdge products are available in several standard and custom colors, as well as decorative finishes and textures, including safety yellow.

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