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window and door seals

クーパー・スタンダードは、商業用および住宅用の窓やドア、店舗用 、その他の建物用途のシールやガスケットを設計しています。


窓 & ドア性能

  • 標準& カスタムプロファイル
  • 成形コーナー& フレーム
  • カスタム材料混合
  • ゴム&プラスチック
  • UL材料
  • クローズドセルスポンジ& 高密度複合材
Your Partner in Design & Engineering

When it comes to developing a new seal or working to improve the performance of an existing one, Cooper Standard ISG offers a unique combination of expertise to attain maximum durability and optimum performance that saves you time and money. 


Cooper Standard ISG


Partner with us to receive the best combination of materials, product design and value-added capabilities for your application's superior sealing and fluid handling performance.

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High Quality Sealing Systems

Cooper Standard ISG is your go-to source for high-performing catalog and custom seals and gaskets for agricultural equipment applications, including:

  • Cab Door Seals
  • Window Seals
  • Windshield Weatherstrips
  • Air Filtration Seals
  • Edge Trim
  • Turret Seals
  • And More


Check out our catalog, which includes a wide variety of seals that best fit your agriculture application needs. 



Advanced Materials Science

Cooper Standard ISG sets the standards for the industry in developing customized EPDM and Plastic sealing and fluid handling solutions using multiple materials. Cooper Standard ISG engineers are also experts in optimizing silicone for high-temperature performance components. To learn more about our customized materials solutions, visit our materials page. Not sure if your application needs rubber or plastic? Check out our webpage about the difference between EPDM vs. Silicone, and explore the science behind the selection process. 


Cooper Standard ISG has the expertise to work with EPDM materials of all kinds, effectively building in the desired properties for any agricultural sealing application. EPDM options range from soft to firm, and include a light-density sponge for weight reduction. See more about our EPDM materials and how we can optimize applications with high-quality rubber. 


Often specified for high-temperature applications, Silicone is the go-to material to keep heat and dust from sensitive electronics and other areas. Cooper Standard ISG expertise can help develop a seal with optimum properties for the most severe conditions. Learn more about our silicone properties and capabilities


Cooper Standard ISG’s proprietary Fortrex™ elastomer is an environmentally friendly material that can deliver a wide range of strength, performance and weight reduction benefits in many agricultural applications. Read more about Fortrex™'s performance properties, aesthetics, and environmental attributes.

Rubber & Plastic

The Cooper Standard ISG portfolio of materials includes world-class expertise in a wide variety of plastic and rubber materials, such as neoprene for superior oil resistance, and TPE, TPB and other thermoplastics that can deliver unique performance and cost advantages in many applications. Learn more about our rubber and plastic materials and how we can help optimize your application's demands. 


Reduce Labor and Assembly Time with Value-Added Sealing Capabilities

In addition to developing and producing high-performing seals, Cooper Standard ISG can also work with agricultural equipment manufacturers to identify opportunities to reduce labor and assembly time in any facility. Whatever the need, Cooper Standard ISG can be a go-to partner for adding value in strategic and innovative ways. 

Adhesive Laminating

Cooper Standard ISG can specify high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesives for any seal, providing fast and easy installation at your facility. Learn more about choosing the rubber adhesives that best fit your needs.

Push Pin Seals

An alternative to adhesives in some applications, seals can be produced with precisely spaced pins for fast and easy assembly.


Seals can be skillfully prepared with specialty surface treatments before shipping to further build-in properties for ease of assembly and additional protection against the elements, wear, abrasion and more. 

Cutting, Notching, and More

Cooper Standard ISG can finish seals using a wide variety of value-added cutting processes such as custom cutting to desired lengths, providing a high degree of accuracy as well as time savings in assembly. Cooper Standard ISG also offers meticulous notching, drilling and punching capabilities, and other processes that can help ensure that the finished component is shipped assembly-ready.


From part number and other basic identifying data to more intricate logos and imprints, Cooper Standard ISG can pre-print any information on the finished seal before shipping. 

Welding & Splicing

Post-production cold and hot splicing and welding can be used to create O-rings or complex multi-sided components as suits the application. 


Cooper Standard ISG can combine two or more materials through a single die so that the extrusions merge into one seal structure to deliver an outstanding combination of ease of attachment and sealing performance. 

Learn more about our sealing systems, including our custom extrusions and molded components for construction equipment applications. 

Solutions To Fluid Handling Challenges

In addition to world-class sealing solutions, Cooper Standard ISG is the go-to supplier of industrial strength fuel, brake, HVAC and other onboard fluid handling components for the world’s top agricultural equipment manufacturers. Robustly engineered and manufactured to stand up to corrosive and high-stress environments over long hours of operation, Cooper Standard ISG products can help keep agricultural machinery running smoothly and trouble-free, providing maximum productivity.  

A full-line, innovative supplier, Cooper Standard ISG is currently developing expertise to pioneer battery cooling capabilities for heavy-duty agricultural equipment as need evolves, and can be a cutting-edge development partner. 


Industrial Strength Fluid Handling Components 

  • Quick Connectors (Glycol and Fuel)
  • EPDM Hoses 
  • Multi-Layer Tube Assemblies 
  • Fuel Lines and Rails 
  • Brake Lines 
  • Brake Joust Lines 
  • Engine and HVAC Tube Assemblies 
  • And More 


Learn more about our full-line sealing systems and fluid transfer systems for agriculture applications. 

Specialty Solutions

Cooper Standard ISG offers window and door manufacturers a wide range of specialized capabilities that optimize performance and reduce costs in your operation.

Molded Products

In addition to extrusion expertise, Cooper Standard ISG offers extensive expertise in molding rubber and plastic seals and gaskets, using processes including compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding and more. Learn more about our molding expertise and solutions. 

Rubber to Metal Bonding

A go-to process to provide superior vibration dampening and other high-end performance advantages in agricultural equipment, Cooper Standard ISG provides extensive experience in this highly specialized capability. Learn more about our molding strategies and how we can best suit your application. 

Push-On Trim Extrusions

Further reinforcing edges for added protection and a highly aesthetic finish, Cooper Standard ISG seals are fast and easy to install and are highly robust for effective long-term performance. 

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