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Sealing Systems

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We are the leading provider in global sealing systems with award-winning products and recognition as a trusted partner. Our target is to be more than the largest provider, but the sealing benchmark, to be the First Choice of the Stakeholders We Serve. As the industry evolves, we expect to see an increase of electric vehicles with a focus on appearance, lightweighting, noise reduction and sustainability. We offer a variety of innovative solutions to address our customers’ current and future needs. Learn more.

Our blend of elastomers and thermoplastics makes our sealing products recognizable across all industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, appliance, HVAC, lighting, commercial and residential window and door, truck and bus, power sports, electrical vehicle, food services, and many others. From choosing the right material to applying cost-effective manufacturing methods, we provide superior solutions for our customers across diverse powertrains and markets.

  • Fortrex®, Rubber, Silicone & Plastic Materials
  • Custom Designs
  • Standard Profiles & Catalog Parts
  • Clip-On Seals
  • Metal, Plastic or Wire Carriers
  • Extrusion: EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene, Nitrile, Thermoplastics
    • Custom Industrial Extrusions 
    • Automotive Sealing System Extrusions 
  • Finishing Capabilities
  • Graining
  • Hole Drilling and Pin Insertion
  • Coating Application
  • Bending
  • Notching
  • Die-Cut
  • Glass Encapsulation
Inside the Innovation

Cooper Standard continues to innovate and improve sealing systems through our Sealing Product Strategy focused on product, process, programming and partnership. Our innovations offer customers with options to enhance vehicle aesthetics with outstanding vehicle performance, while improving overall carbon footprint.

Featured Solutions


A patented, revolutionary chemistry platform created for a variety of vehicle sealing applications and additionally offering game-changing opportunities in a wide range of  markets.  Fortrex™ delivers outstanding sealing, weatherability, NVH and aesthetic performance, with an environmentally friendlier footprint.

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An innovative material solution for styling differentiation offering improved durability and cost competitiveness compared to alterative cloth covered trim lips.


View our showcase of our sealing decorative trims that further enhance vehicle styling.

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A glass sealing system solution that leverages design and material technology to improve vehicle appearance and wind noise.

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A premium glass sealing solution that allows the removal of the upper door frame, offering a clean, aesthetic design for the premium and electric vehicle market. Over 20 years of executing on vehicle programs.​

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A next-generation appliqué design utilizing glass material to provide a superior harmonic lateral appearance between the appliqué and movable glass. This solution provides outstanding quality and a tight, weather-resistant seal cover that is compatible with transmittable devices and visual sensors. 

TPS/TPV MicroDense

A material innovation implemented on non-functional areas of sealing components that reduces weight while maintaining mechanical integrity.

EPDM MicroDense

An EPDM material innovation that enables lighter weight dynamic weather seals without compromising mechanical integrity.


An EPDM based material innovation with improved aromatics. Maintains performance while reducing odor and VOC.

EPDM-based Slip Coat

An EPDM based slip coat engineered to provide appearance match to corner mold material while providing long lasting performance.


Obstacle detection system functions as an anti-pinch for movable closures and glass. We have several portfolio options to fit specific applications.

Coextruded Below Belt Assemblies

Reduces weight while maintaining performance compared to Nylon and steel products.