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Custom Plastic Extrusions

Custom Plastic Extrusions

While many companies offer custom plastic extrusions, Cooper Standard stands out in our commitment to help you take your production to a new level, no matter the industry you serve.

Explore how Cooper Standard is positioned to help you succeed with your next project:

  • Enhanced Engineering and Value-Added Capabilities: Through diverse industry experience, value-added capabilities and investments in new technology, we help industry-leading companies refine their profile designs and optimize performance.

  • Vast Material Offerings: Cooper Standard gives you access to advanced materials science and expertise with a variety of materials that meet industry standards. Work with our engineers to discover what plastic material is right for you according to your unique specifications.

  • Extensive Resources: As a global leader in automotive components, Cooper Standard is built upon world-class processes, innovation and lasting partnerships. No matter your industry or application, let us put our expertise to work for you.

Featured Capabilities

We offer an extensive customization process from material selection to highly engineered profiles and finishing capabilities. Learn how we develop customized plastic solutions to meet one-of-a-kind challenges.   

Rigid & Flexible Plastic

Plastic materials can offer durability and impact resistance or mimic the sealing properties of rubber. Learn more about the our available polymers.

Plastic Co-Extrusion

By combining 2 or more plastic materials, you can create features such as a protective capstock, variable compression properties, flexible hinges, clear and opaque layers and multiple colors.

Plastic Fabrication

From drilling and cutting to more complex assemblies, we can provide products that reduce your processing requirements and speed up installation.

Value-Added Capabilities

Coatings & Capstocks

Our various coating options can serve as an assembly aid or reduce noise, wear and abrasion. This process can be used to coat entire sheets or a localized area on each part.

Color Match

We offer color matching capabilities for silicone and organic compounds. For specific color requirements, please provide us with a sample or Pantone (PMS) number so we can match the color to your needs.

Extrusion Cutting Processes

We can finish products with a variety of cutting processes including: cut to length, punching, die-cutting, notching, drilling, kiss-cutting, slitting and custom cutting. In some cases, these finishing processes can be good alternatives to rubber molding.

Drilling & Punching Seals

Seals may require vent holes that enable the part to collapse under pressure. During part extrusion, holes can be drilled at precise, uniform intervals. Cut-to-length parts also can be placed in a punch press where a die creates the intended feature.


Flocking is a velour-textured material that can be applied to many polymers and dyed to match virtually any color. Flocked surfaces help reduce friction and water absorption while dampening vibration and offering thermal insulation.

Identification Printing

Identification marks on products can be crucial to manufacturing efficiency and quality. From an intricate logo to customer part numbers, we can provide identification markings that best fit your requirements.


Adhesive (tape) can often eliminate mechanical fastening systems (staples, nails or retaining clips) and their inherent challenges. Many different heat-activated and pressure-sensitive adhesives are available to meet your requirements. Learn how to choose rubber adhesives. 

Specialty Packaging

In addition to designing materials and profiles, we can specify and order your private label packaging to provide a complete product solution.

Push-Pin Seals

These seals provide an alternative to standard laminated seal methods with pins that are spaced according to your requirements.

Splicing & Welding

Splicing and welding can be used to form a simple O-ring or a complex multi-side product. We offer cold and hot splicing as well as transfer molded joints and vulcanized corners.

Multi-Durometer Extrusions

Multiple-durometer products combine two or more materials through a single die so that the extrusions merge together into one structure. The more rigid material serves as means of attachment, while the softer compound completes the seal.

iDea® Seal Technology

This co-polymer design features a custom or standard EPDM bulb and a rigid plastic base. The result is a seal with excellent compression set that easily slides into a channel and minimizes stretch.

Clip-on Seals

Plastic profiles are reinforced with steel or aluminum carriers for durable protection or an aesthetic finish. When a clip-on seal is coupled with a rubber or plastic profile, the result is a tight seal with excellent compression properties. Custom or catalog clip-on seals available. Push-on Trims, QuickEdge® Trims

Application Considerations

Tips for Designing Plastic Profiles

Plastic extrusions may be more cost effective than aluminum or steel components in certain situations. Learn how you can benefit and what you first need to consider.

Replacing Metal Parts w/Plastic

If market demands are leading you away from PVC, you can rely on our expertise in a wide range of thermoplastic materials.

Custom Extrusions: Rubber Vs Plastic

There are many variables to review when choosing between rubber and plastic. Cooper Standard has both material options, plus many years of experience servicing diverse industries with the right material for every unique application. Explore the science behind the selection process.

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