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Construction Equipment Sealing and Fluid Handling Solutions

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Cooper Standard Industrial & Specialty Group (ISG) designs and manufactures custom or catalog seals and fluid handling solutions that are proven to stand up to the punishment of construction site conditions. Whether on a truck, loader, leveler, plow, or crane, our cab seals are custom designed to keep the interior environment free of dirt, dust, water and grime, while helping keep it quiet and comfortable for passengers. 

FEA Analysis Video

Cooper Standard ISG also utilizes Finite Element Analysis Technology (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to help optimize our sealing and fluid-handling systems for superior product performance. 

Further, Cooper Standard's innovative Crimp on Flange (COF) technology doubles the pull-off force of glass cab door seals and reduces assembly time over incumbent methods. As a result, seals remain in place through thousands of cycles, rough handling and rugged environments. 

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Your Partner in Design & Engineering

When it comes to developing a new seal or working to improve the performance of an existing one, Cooper Standard ISG offers a unique combination of expertise to attain maximum durability and optimum performance that saves you time and money. Capabilities include: 


Cooper Standard Engineering Support


Partner with us to receive the best combination of materials, product design and value-added capabilities for your application's superior sealing and fluid handling performance.

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High Performance Sealing Systems

We are your go-to source for highly durable, long-lasting seals and gaskets for construction equipment applications, including:

  • Cab door seals 
  • Window Seals 
  • Windshield Weatherstrips 
  • Air Filtration Seals 
  • Edge Trim
  • Turret Seals 
  • And More 


Check out our catalog, which includes a wide variety of seals that best fit your construction application needs.


Advanced Materials Science

Cooper Standard ISG engineers are experts at identifying and compounding the most effective high-performance materials and designing the optimum form for any seal or fluid handling application. To learn more about our customized materials solutions, visit our materials page. Not sure if your application needs rubber or plastic? Check out our webpage about the difference between EPDM vs. Silicone, and explore the science behind the selection process. 


Our EPDM materials come in a wide range of grades, including multiple levels of softness/firmness and light density sponge for weight reduction. See more regarding our EPDM materials and how we can help you select the best elastomer for your application. 


Silicone is the go-to material to keep heat, dust and other demanding conditions away from sensitive electronics and other areas. Learn more about our silicone-grade materials and capabilities or our custom silicone extrusions


Our proprietary Fortrex™ elastomer is an environmentally friendly material that can deliver a wide range of strength, performance and weight reduction benefits. Read more about Fortrex™'s performance properties, aesthetics, and environmental attributes. 

Rubber & Plastic

Cooper Standard ISG delivers world-class expertise in various other plastic and rubber materials, such as neoprene for superior oil resistance, and TPE, TPV and other thermoplastics that can deliver unique performance and cost advantages. Learn more about our rubber and plastic materials and how they can help optimize your application's demands. 


Reduce Labor and Assembly Time with Value-Added Sealing Capabilities

Cooper Standard ISG partners with you in every step of the sealing process to provide start-to-finish solutions that also aid in assembly to reduce labor. Ready to get started? Connect with us

Crimp-on Flange COF Tool

Cooper Standard's Crimp on Flange (COF) technology doubles the pull-off force of traditional glass cab door seals, keeping them secure through the rough handling of customers opening and closing the doors.

Adhesive Laminating

Attaching high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive strips to both EPDM and silicone seals, provides fast and easy installation at your facility. Learn more about how to choose the rubber adhesives that best fit your needs. 

Push Pin Seals

Seals can be produced with precision-spaced plastic pins across the length of the component, providing precise and ultra-tight application to a doorframe or other vehicle area.

Coatings & Capstocks

Seals can be factory-coated to lower the coefficient of friction for faster and easier manual assembly. Other select coatings can be specified to provide additional protection against the elements, wear, abrasion and more.

Custom Cutting Services

Our wide variety of cutting processes, including custom cuts, notching drilling and punching add value to your operation for high accuracy and maximum production.


O-rings or complex multi-sided components are made by securely splicing ends using welding or adhesive processes.


Customized seal printing solutions are valuable to production or communication processes, and can include everything from the printing of a part number or placement symbols, to printing “FDA Approved” messages to instill confidence in retailers or customers.

Multi-Durometer Extrusions

Seals combined with two or more materials, such as dense rubber and thermoplastic are known to provide ease of assembly and deliver optimum compression, deflection and other performance properties.

Learn more about our sealing systems, including our custom extrusions and molded components used for construction equipment applications. 

Solutions To Fluid Handling Challenges

Cooper Standard ISG is the go-to supplier of industrial strength tubes, hoses and crimped assemblies for fuel, brake fluid, cooling and other onboard fluid handling applications for the world’s top construction equipment manufacturers and tier suppliers. Our products help keep construction machinery running smoothly and effectively in the face of constant vibration, jolting, and other stresses of a construction environment.

As a full-line, innovative supplier with proven R&D resources, Cooper Standard ISG is currently pioneering battery cooling capabilities for heavy-duty construction equipment.


Industrial Strength Fluid Handling Components 

  • Quick Connectors (Glycol and Fuel)
  • TPV Hoses
  • EPDM Hoses 
  • Silicone Hoses 
  • Multi-Layer Tube Assemblies 
  • Fuel Lines and Rails 
  • Brake Lines 
  • Brake Joust Lines 
  • Engine and HVAC Tube Assemblies 
  • And More 
Specialty Solutions

Cooper Standard ISG helps Construction Equipment manufacturers optimize performance and reduce production costs with a wide range of specialized capabilities unique among seal and gasket providers. These include:


Our molding processes include compression, transfer, and injection molding built for complex and intricate rubber and plastic gaskets.

Rubber To Metal Bonding

Combining rubber material and metals in a single part is the secret to attaining high levels of vibration dampening and other challenging properties in construction equipment applications.

Push-On and Clip-On Trim Seals

Trim Seals are a cost-effective solution to finish sharp edges, optimizing both aesthetics and safety. Our trim seals are fast and easy to assemble and stay tight for permanent protection.

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