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Innovative Sealing and Fluid Handling Solutions for Truck and Bus Applications

truck and busA proven partner serving the world’s leading truck and bus manufacturers for more than 50 years, Cooper Standard ISG is your one-stop shop for high-performing engineered sealing solutions, as well as advanced fluid handling systems that can help optimize new vehicle designs and stay far ahead of the market trends, especially as trucks and buses evolve to run on hydrogen, electric and other alternative fuels. 

Design and Development Expertise

In addition to industry-leading standard engineered solutions, Cooper Standard helps truck and bus manufacturers design and develop custom engineered sealing and fluid handling solutions from the ground up. Cooper Standard delivers world-class engineering expertise, supported by computerized tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), that can predict seal performance in a virtual environment, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to precisely fine-tune fluid handling systems flow before production. These capabilities help slash development costs and accelerate time to market. 

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Sealing Solutions that Meet Demanding Needs

Contemporary sealing technology emphasizes comfort, safety and performance for truck and bus applications. For example, Cooper Standard seals deliver tight tolerances throughout the cab, minimizing wind and road noise, eliminating water ingress and maintaining desirable temperatures and humidity, helping keep drivers reliably on the road for the long haul.  

Further, high-quality seals help optimize aerodynamics and operations even as traditional truck and bus configurations change, with designs that help account for the new sealing demands of revised door and mirror placements, onboard cameras, and evolving fueling systems.  

Meeting Compliance Challenges

We support our customers’ sustainability efforts with seal designs that optimize performance and help enable new power-train designs, as they evolve to meet certain regulatory demands like EPA, CARB and DOT. Cooper Standard ISG strategically designs our materials to help ensure that you are always on the right side of every regulation. 

Contact us for other regulations and sealing challenges, including lower-weight materials for better fuel economy, leaks or excess noise — we can help. Our engineers are expert troubleshooters and can help you solve the problem. 

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Partner with us to receive the best combination of materials, product design and value-added capabilities for your application's superior sealing and fluid handling performance.

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High-Quality Sealing Solutions That Meet Demands of the Truck and Bus Industry

 With our prominence to deliver highly effective and optimal sealing solutions, we are dedicated to being a value-added partner, providing sealing products, including:   

  • Cab Door Seals 
  • Window Seals 
  • Hood Seals 
  • Luggage Compartment Seals 
  • Windshield Weatherstrips 
  • Aerodynamic Skirts 
  • Grill Baffles 
  • Underhood Sealing 

Check out our catalog, which includes a wide variety of seals that best fit your truck and bus application needs.


Advanced Materials Expertise for Maximum Performance 

Cooper Standard ISG compounds many of our own materials to deliver the highest quality and optimum mix of desired properties in the finished truck and bus components. We offer many levels of firmness in our vast library of materials. To learn more about our customized materials solutions, visit our materials page. Not sure if your application needs rubber or plastic? Check out our webpage about the difference between EPDM vs. Silicone, and explore the science behind the selection process. 

Our materials portfolio includes but is not limited to: 


For optimum compression, price and overall performance, EPDM rubber is the go-to for dynamic sealing in truck and bus doors and windows. 


Silicone is the go-to material for high- temperature applications, such as protecting the battery compartment in electric and hybrid trucks and buses from water, wind and road hazards. Learn more about our silicone-grade materials and capabilities or our custom silicone extrusions


Value-Added Manufacturing Capabilities Save Your Assembly Time and Costs 

As your partner, Cooper Standard ISG proactively looks for opportunities to reduce labor and assembly time at your facility. We have the experience and resources to add value in many strategic and innovative ways. Ready to get started? Connect with us

Adhesive Laminating

Cooper Standard ISG identifies the correct adhesive for the desired performance and can apply a peel-off, pressure-sensitive adhesive strip for ease of assembly and installation. Learn more about choosing the proper rubber adhesives for truck and bus applications.  

Custom Cutting Services

We deliver spools in bulk or will custom cut seals to the exact length needed, maintaining tight tolerances, saving you fabrication time and reducing waste.  

Custom Machining

Cooper Standard ISG can prepare seals in a variety of ways, including notching, drilling, punching, splicing and more. Whatever it takes to reduce assembly time at your end, we can help. 

Proven Solutions To Fluid Handling Challenges

 Cooper Standard ISG provides lightweight and robust fluid handling solutions for truck and bus manufacturers to capitalize on the emerging opportunities of electrification and hydrogen fuels. We have been successfully designing innovative cooling, fuel and brake line systems for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) in the automotive and consumer truck arena for many years, we have a product portfolio that is proven and scalable and we want to help you bring your most innovative designs to life. 


Industrial Strength Fluid Handling Components

Specialty Solutions

Cooper Standard ISG delivers a wide range of specialized capabilities regarding the design and development of optimal sealing and fluid-handling solutions that deliver greater value in the Truck & Bus industry.  

Molded Products

In addition to world-class extrusion expertise, Cooper Standard ISG also offers molding capabilities, including, compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding and more,—providing high quality production of large, complex or intricate parts.  

Rubber To Metal Bonding

Combining rubber material and metals is often vital for effective vibration resistance, creating a smoother experience and longer component life in truck and bus machinery. Learn more about our molding strategies and how our materials and processes can best suit your application.  

Push-On and Clip-On Trim Seals

Available in a variety of materials and profiles, our push-on and clip-on seals provide extreme gripping power as well as finishing sharp edges for optimum aesthetics and safety.  Contact us for a custom solution or browse our catalog.

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