Fluid Transfer Systems

Fluid Transfer Systems

Cooper Standard's products Convey, Connect, Control and Communicate (our 4C product development strategy) throughout fluid systems for optimal powertrain operation and passenger comfort. Our portfolio of fluid transfer products address the full spectrum of powertrain and temperature requirements including electrified vehicles. These next generation products also offer game-changing weight reduction, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection and finished assembly aesthetics.

In addition, our fuel and brake delivery systems efficiently support the transfer of critical fluids in various types of recreational, specialty and industrial vehicles. By integrating plastic molded components, we create more efficient assemblies for coolant tube, heater hose, water hose and radiators and installation processes can be improved through our quick connect and joint solutions.

Fluid Transfer Capabilities

  • Hose Extrusion
  • Hose Forming and Finishing
  • Monowall and Multilayer TP Tubing Extrusion
  • TP Tube Forming and  Finishing
  • Injection Molding
  • Quick Connector Assembly
  • Metal Tube Milling (Welded and Brazed)
  • Tube Base Coating (Hot Dip Alloy and Plating)
  • Tube  Coating (PA, PP)
  • Tube Endforming & Bending


New electrified vehicles must maintain low component and fluid mass to meet vehicle driving range goals while providing necessary thermal management functions. This shift has brought about the development of materials and structures which can now be utilized to convey coolant from one place to another and provide serviceable and robust connections. Cooper Standard’s lightweight thermoplastic system solutions (PlastiCool® 2000 MLT, Ergo-Lock™+ and Easy-Lock® Quick Connectors) are exceeding expectations to address the new conditions encountered in these electrified systems. Learn more.

Featured Solutions

Connection Portfolio

Cooper Standard’s robust portfolio of connectors provide superior performance.

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Plasticool® Portfolio

Cooper Standard’s PlastiCool® portfolio offers excellent chemical resistance and physical performance for a wide range of Glycol applications.

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Integrated Temperature Sensor

Our new lightweight integrated temperature solutions for reliable EV coolant system monitoring, control and protection.

TPV Hose

A highly adaptable, lightweight construction that utilizes custom TPV materials offering sustainable properties, low conductivity and increased flexibility.

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Air Intake & Charge Air Hoses

Hoses and molded assemblies used to bring air into the intake system of a vehicle.

Brake & Clutch Hoses

High-performance assemblies used for hydraulic-based brake and clutch systems where high pressures are required.

DPF & SCR Emissions Lines

Stainless steel lines that transport urea from the tank to the DPF (diesel particulate filter) or exhaust line to burn-off the accumulated particulates. Cooper Standard lines enable diesel powertrains to meet strict emission requirements.

Heater/Coolant Hoses

From raw material mixing to hose extrusion, forming and assembly, Cooper Standard produces hoses of many constructions and sizes for specialty vehicle applications. Hoses are designed to meet each customer’s performance requirements.

Secondary Air Hoses

Used for vacuum systems for turbo’s, brakes and EGR’s

Transmission Oil Cooling Hoses

Reinforced hose assemblies used to cool transmission systems to increase transmission efficiency and longevity.