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Electronics Sealing Solutions

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Whether indoors or exposed to the elements, electronics seals and gaskets must protect critical components. That’s why you need a manufacturer who understands the application requirements unique to this industry.

Cooper Standard ISG’s rubber and plastic sealing solutions, whether extruded, molded or die-cut, provide maximum protection against temperature and moisture extremes. If your application requires fire-rated materials, we can offer sealing solutions that meet UL and NEMA ratings. We also provide expertise in engineering capabilities, including computerized finite element analysis designed to help create the optimum sealing solution to help meet the demands of any enclosure application.


  • Cable Jacketing
  • Flexible Cords
  • Grommets
  • Connectors
  • Plugs
  • Welding Housings
  • Enclosure Seals
  • Boots and more
Electronics applications

Custom Extrusions

We offer a wide range of rubber and plastic materials to achieve cost-effective, high-performance solutions. 

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Molded Components

Our global manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide cost-effective molded solutions for a variety of electronics applications. 

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