Decorative Trim

Decorative TrimCooper Standard specializes in decorative trims engineered to fit any electric, hybrid-electric, and internal combustion engine vehicle. We use formulated, sustainable materials and shape and size them to fit different vehicle interiors and exteriors.

Each type of trim offers customized personality for different one-of-a-kind looks and modern aesthetics. Leveraging material advancements, we continue to challenge the industry standard to stay ahead of trends advancing towards the future of automotive design.

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What We Offer

Our decorative trim portfolio offers sophisticated appearance, while delivering high levels of performance. Engineering experts are continuously expanding our styling with color variations, material textures and densities to complement any vehicle. 

This video shares details about many of the decorative trim options that Cooper Standard offers for the interior and exterior styling, included (but not limited to): header and waist belt trim, B-pillar upper corner and door seals.

Cooper Standard Decorative Trim

Featured Solutions


A molded trim with coloring to match or pair with any color palette. This solution uses non-metallic substrate during the molding process, which makes the material flexible to easily adjust to any vehicle body. 


A durable, corrosion resistant satin finish allowing for long-lasting performance. Material engineers use quality processes to avoid surface defects resulting in reliable products for our customers.


A lightweight coextruded thermoplastic solution, eliminating additional trim components that are used during traditional part assembly. This innovation is one of our more commonly used black trims with a glossy, shiny finish. 


A customizable solution capable of substituting traditional for sustainable materials on the glass run and outer waist trim. This color-flexible option is lightweight and notable for its scratch-resistance technology.