Frameless Door Sealing Systems


A premium glass sealing system allowing the removal of the upper door frame for a cleaner, aesthetic design in the premium and electric vehicle market. We offer decades of experience in design, validation, manufacturing, and quality of these highly technical systems, including convertibles and removable roof vehicles. As we see the industry changing to alternative powertrains, including battery electric, this niche system has become increasingly popular, and we are proud to help automakers implement them on the next generation of vehicles. Cooper Standard has successfully executed this solution on over 50 projects for global brands and we plan to keep partnering with customers to build more.

Key Material Attributes

This solution is solving vehicle architecture challenges and creating a smarter design concept for the future of automotive.  

  • Higher perceived value as a luxury product with a state-of-the-art design
  • Seamless body surface transition of the b-pillar and door glass
  • Simplified structure and appearance by eliminating the upper frame
  • World-class execution proven on several vehicles
  • Durability to meet physical performance and withstand environmental conditions, such as water, wind, dust and noise
  • Ability to enable removable roofs and convertible capability