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Innovative Sealing Solutions for Boats, Motors and other Marine Applications

Cooper Standard Industrial and Specialty Group (ISG) offers a wide variety of expertise, including engineering, materials and other value-added solutions to help protect marine boating equipment from relentless weather conditions and vibration. Whether it's ski boats, pontoons, yachts, or large cruisers, we help protect watercraft applications from corrosive marine environments, helping ensure performance, longevity and brand loyalty for years to come. 

Our wear and abrasion-resistant sealing solutions have been used in applications for nearly 50 years. Window seals are a particular specialty, and we help protect large, complex, and intricate windshields with seals that resist fading and deterioration and keep glass tightly engaged and free from rattling or breakage. Additionally, we help increase service life and operating performance in high horsepower motors, with highly effective cowling seals designed to keep components safe from water, oil and other threats. 

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Cooper Standard also utilizes Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD), powerful software tools used to optimize seal designs and development for superior product performance. 

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High-Quality Sealing Systems

Whether it's ski boats, pontoons, yachts or large cruisers, Cooper Standard ISG develops sealing solutions for some of the world’s largest and most demanding marine equipment manufacturers. Look to Cooper Standard ISG for new and redesigned components including:

  • Windshield Seals 
  • Portal Seals 
  • Vent Seals 
  • Hatch Seals 
  • Trim Seals 
  • Compartment Door Seals
  • Rub/Side Rails 
  • Edge Molding
  • Cowling Seals  


Learn more about our sealing systems and how we can optimize your marine equipment applications. 

Advanced Materials Expertise for the Perfect Blend of Properties

Cooper Standard ISG sets the standard for the industry in developing customized EPDM and plastic sealing solutions using multiple materials. Cooper Standard ISG engineers are also experts in optimizing silicone for high-temperature performance components. To learn more about our customized materials solutions, visit our materials page.

Not sure if your application needs silicone, rubber or plastic? Explore the science behind the selection process. 

The Difference Between Rubber and Plastic   |   EPDM vs. Silicone


For applications requiring high-temperature resistance and odor-control, silicone is the go-to material to support marine products such as control boxes, shipboard applications, or bait and fish wells. Learn more about our silicone's working temperature or custom silicone extrusions.  


Cooper Standard ISG delivers world-class EPDM expertise in a wide range of firmness levels. EPDM is a go-to material for windshield sealing applications, helping keep large and thick glass panels tight and rattle-free, as well as standing up to years' worth of UV rays and salt degradation. See more about our EPDM materials and how we can help optimize your applications with high-quality rubber.


Thermoplastic materials and molding solutions like TPV offer strength and abrasion resistance, and help keep boat sides and other "hard knock" areas pristine. Learn more about our thermoplastic materials and how they can improve your next project. 


Neoprene is a trusted material used for cowling seals and other applications that demand resistance to aggressive oil, keeping these threats away from vulnerable electronics and surfaces. 

Value-Added Manufacturing Capabilities

Cooper Standard ISG partners with you to optimize your assembly processes and reduce labor costs through our value-added capabilities. Review our custom extrusions page or contact an engineer for more details.   

Adhesive Laminating

Attaching high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive strips to both EPDM and silicone seals provides fast and easy installation at your facility. Learn more about how to choose the rubber adhesives that best fit your needs. 

Custom Component Printing

Customized seal printing solutions are valuable for production or communication processes. They can include everything from the printing of a part number, placement symbols, and more to ensure correct inventory placement and instill confidence in retailers or customers. 


Seals can be factory-coated to provide additional protection and lower the coefficient of friction for faster and easier manual assembly. Other select coatings to marine-based seals can be specified to provide additional protection against elements, wear and abrasion. 

Dual Durometer Seals

Seals combined with two or more materials are known to provide ease of assembly and deliver optimum compression, deflection, and other performance properties. See more about our custom extrusion solutions.


Custom Molding

While most seals are extruded, Cooper Standard ISG is also an expert at molding 90-degree corners for window and engine hatches and other tight angled areas, providing a complete one-piece seal for easy application in your facility. Learn more about our molding expertise and solutions. 


Custom Color

Seals are not only available in black, but can be extruded in other colors, such as gray, white, and brown for advanced aesthetics for windshield trim. 

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