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Custom Extrusions

Our rubber, silicone, plastic and Fortrex™ extrusion operations are built on the belief that every customers' need is unique. We can help you through the entire extrusion process from choosing the right material to using the most cost-effective manufacturing methods.

Extrusion Solutions

  • Rubber, Silicone, Plastic and Fortrex™ Materials
  • Custom Design Extrusions
  • Standard Profiles and Catalog Parts
  • Multiple-Durometer Extrusions
  • Metal, Plastic or Wire Carrier Seals (Trim Seals and Clip-on Seals)
  • Rubber, Silicone and Plastic Sheeting

You can work with our engineers to select or design a product that is optimized for production and performance. Our team of experts work with customers through the entire process from start to finish. 


Custom Design for a Smooth Fit on a Vehicles' Architecture

The solutions we provide are engineered to adapt to the architecture of a door or exterior vehicle application. Materials and components are built to meet the exact measurements and shaping of sealing system applications for traditional and electric vehicles. Each component of a sealing system solution was created with a focus on appearance, lightweighting, noise reduction, weatherability and sustainability.

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Moving Towards a Sustainable, Electric Future

Every part of our innovative strategy is aligned with the transformation of the transportation industry. Newer integrations of digital tools and advanced analytics are enabling us to deliver the right solution, the first time. Proven implementation of our concept-to-market approach is helping customers significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to launch a new vehicle. In addition to advancements in pre-production, we are also using smarter approaches when we build sealing system solutions that are moving us further towards the future of mobility.

Custom Extrusions


Thermoplastic Body Door Seal is a dynamic, polymer seal that includes components of the carrier, bulb and grippers to create one solution. It provides a durable seal around the vehicle's doors and closures with sustainable benefits.


Sustainable EPDM is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional EPDM that uses recycled and bio-sourced alternatives without compromising mechanical integrity of traditional applications.