Custom Engineered Seals for Access Door Equipment

Your Partner for Custom Engineered Access Door Seals for HVAC Equipmentaccess doors

Access doors are vital to a successful HVAC unit. They tightly guard the system's integrity for the long term while resisting environmental threats such as excessive temperatures, dust, UV radiation, moisture and vibration.  

Cooper Standard ISG can help OEMs, ductwork manufacturers and other HVAC suppliers design a highly effective, custom engineered sealing solution for any access door project, with optimum compression strength and tight tolerances for any profile, such as square, rectangle, oval and more. 

When you partner with Cooper Standard ISG, we work with you as an extension of your team to develop a purpose-built seal that will deliver unprecedented operating performance in any access door project. 

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Meeting a Spectrum of Certifications and Regulations

materialsCooper Standard has many high-performance materials that meet stringent UL certifications and environmental regulations. Our engineers specify materials that help your custom engineered seal get fast approval.  

  • UL746
  • UL555S
  • UL94
  • Reach 
  • RoHS 
Materials Compounded In-House

Cooper Standard ISG materials engineers tap into a broad portfolio of materials to formulate the exact compound that will deliver the optimum compression set and overall performance at the desired price point for any access door application. We also compound our materials in-house and can create custom blends for a desired mix of properties, as well as ensuring quality and consistency in every batch.   

Does your application need silicone, rubber or plastic? Explore the science behind the selection process. 

The Difference Between Rubber and Plastic | EPDM vs. Silicone 


Cooper Standard ISG has the expertise to work with EPDM materials of all kinds, effectively building in the desired properties for any access door application. EPDM options range from soft to firm, and include a light-density sponge for weight reduction. See more about our EPDM materials and how we can optimize applications with high-quality rubber. 


Often specified for high-temperature applications, silicone is the go-to material to keep heat and dust protected from access door applications. Cooper Standard ISG experts can help develop a seal with optimum properties for the most severe conditions. Learn more about our silicone properties and capabilities

Nitrile and Neoprene

Synthetic rubber materials deliver a wide range of properties for access door applications, including chemical, oil, weather and flame resistance. Cooper Standard ISG engineers are experts at identifying the optimum material needed for these applications. Learn more about our high-quality rubber materials. 


Your Partner in Design and Validation

Computer-Aided Design Expertise  

Cooper Standard ISG engineers are the world leaders in deploying computer simulation and validation tools such as finite element analysis to optimize the seal design and development process. Using both 2D and 3D modeling, we help you simulate the real-world performance of every access door seal design to ensure that all specifications are met, such as optimum compression set and maximum ingress protection. This saves you the time and expense of creating numerous physical prototypes, speeding your time to market while delivering the most effective sealing solutions possible.  

FEA Analysis Video


Global Laboratory Testing

As world-class sealing experts, Cooper Standard maintains a host of highly specialized testing and validation equipment and capabilities right inhouse, keeping every custom sealing design and development project on track and speeding along without relying on third party resources. Our testing capabilities include:  

  • Thermal Analysis
  • Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy
  • Compression Load Deflection
  • Adhesion Force Tests
  • Sliding Resistance Tests
  • Reverse Engineering  
Accelerate Installation and Assembly with Value-Added Capabilities

At Cooper Standard ISG, we look for opportunities to optimize assembly efficiencies, reduce assembly costs and improve ergonomics.  Whatever the need, Cooper Standard ISG is your go-to partner for adding value in strategic and innovative ways to your access doors projects. 

Adhesive Laminating

Attaching high-performance, pressure sensitive adhesive strips will keep your access doors in place for the long-term, even in the face of high temperatures, corrosive environment or other challenges.  Further, we can pre-apply peel-off adhesive strips cost-efficiently right in the extrusion line, delivering seals ready to quickly apply to the access door frame at your facility, speeding assembly and lowering your costs. Learn more about how to choose the rubber adhesives that best fit your needs. 

Custom Splicing

Cooper Standard ISG can pre-splice seals in any size or shape, with tight tolerances of 90° corners for a turnkey solution in saves assembly time and ensures effectiveness and accuracy. 

Specialty Engineering Solutions

Although a custom engineered design and development partnership delivers a precise combination of properties needed for superior results, we can also work with you to identify a standard engineered solution with a more common or "generic" approach. Our standard engineered solutions include anything from molded products, rubber-to-metal-bonding, or even multi-durometer seals. These are all highly effective, well-proven general range of properties, and may be an excellent choice in your application. 

Molded Product

For large and/or intricate profiles, ISG offers extensive expertise in molding rubber and plastic seals and gaskets, using processes including compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding and more.

Rubber To Metal Bonding

A complex process demanding tight tolerances, specialized materials and processing expertise, rubber to metal bonding can enable a host of performance advantages including vibration damping, longer component life, superior insulation and more.

iDea® Seal Technology

A pioneering ISG capability, iDea® Seals technology creates a rigid plastic base that will smoothly slide into a channel, eliminating the need for secondary mechanical fastening, saving assembly time and reducing costs.

Download our iDea® Seal Product Sheet to learn more.

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Cooper Standard serves HVAC industry partners in just about every corner of the world, in major international manufacturing centers from Asia and the Middle East to North and South America and more. We not only provide proven support wherever the operations of our multinational or overseas partners are located, we are also experts at meeting the challenges of HVAC operation in high temperature regions and other extreme climates anywhere in the world.  Contact us today to get started, and check out our resources below!