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Innovative Sealing Solutions for Window & Door Applications

window and door seals

Cooper Standard Industrial & Specialty Group (ISG) is the go-to seal solutions partner for residential and commercial window and door manufacturers. We offer engineering expertise to help design unique, mission-specific internal seals that impart key performance criteria such as desired compression load deflection, leak resistance, operational force requirements, opening/closing cycles, reduced assembly time and other properties to the finished product.

Cooper Standard ISG provides outstanding experience with rubber and thermoplastic extrusion and molding, including hybrid parts, and we are pioneers in performing finite element analysis that can identify potential seal failure modes in a virtual, computer-based environment, decreasing costly tooling shots and accelerating our partners’ time to market.

Cooper Standard ISG can also help you plan optimum assembly and seal insertion with value-added production capabilities and a wide range of potential insertion methods including pressure sensitive tapes, heat activated tapes, and manual channel insertion (kerf, slide-in, push-in) techniques geared toward substrates including PVC, wood, painted surfaces, fiberglass, glass, aluminum and more.

Proven Standard Window & Door Components

Cooper Standard ISG also offers high quality standard residential and commercial profiles proven in use by window and door manufacturers worldwide, including:


Many standard components are certified by FGIA and on their AAMA 702-11 Class A Verified Components List, with more being added all the time. These currently include:

Helping Window & Door Manufacturers Meet Compliance Challenges

In the window and door industry, performance, durability and safety demands can be rigorous. Cooper Standard ISG stays on top of all relevant regulations, standards and certifications that can impact window and door manufacturers, ensuring that seals meet all requirements. We often work with partners on meeting demands including:

UL 10B & 10C

A stringent test for commercial doors slated for public buildings, Cooper Standard ISG has an outstanding track record of developing internal and external seals that beat the demanding and costly “furnace” tests, both under pressure and at ambient.


Cooper Standard ISG is continually working with our window and door partners on proving seal performance in light of commonly requested ASTM standards. For example, C-864 is commonly used, and we have a wide range of materials and durometers with a strong track record of demonstrated compatibility with wet caulking and other sealants in compression seal gaskets, setting blocks and spacer applications. Similarly, we have silicone materials that can meet all the demands of ASTM C-1115 and sponge rubber/cellular rubber materials pass the tests required by ASTM C-509.


Cooper Standard ISG keeps on top of the continually updated REACH Annex XV, Annex XIV, Annex XVII and SIN lists, ensuring that your materials remain compliant with regulations.


Cooper Standard ISG expertise can help maintain compliance with European efforts to reduce hazardous substance release throughout the product life cycle.

To learn more, contact our materials research and development team.

Materials Expertise

No matter what the sealing challenge, Cooper Standard ISG engineers can help develop a sealing system to meet it, with materials performance and formulation knowledge that is unmatched in the window and door industry. High performance elastomers in our portfolio include:


We formulate our own EPDM for superior compression set performance in all kinds of applications. Our EPDM capabilities encompass dense products from 40-85 durometer, and sponge grades 1-5, with closed cell structure for superior water absorbtion performance. Color matching is also available.


The go-to material for optimum weatherability and unmatched long-term performance in a broad range of temperature environments, Cooper Standard ISG engineers compound our own silicones in a wide range of sponge and high density formulations. Learn more about our custom silicone extrusion capabilities


Thermoplastics are often used to develop window and door seals, offering an outstanding balance of price and performance. Cooper Standard ISG engineers deliver expertise with PVC, TPV, polypropylene, ABS and more. Learn more about our custom plastic extrusion capabilities.


Cooper Standard ISG’s proprietary Fortrex™ thermoset polymer material has great potential for new pioneering window and door applications, offering excellent compression set and weatherability at a weight some 30% less than EPDM, with a strong sustainability story including a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

Broad Material Portfolio

Cooper Standard ISG is a single-source supplier of many other high quality rubber and plastic compounds, designing quality window and door seals using materials including neoprene, nitrile, polyethylene, nylon and more.

Value-Added Capabilities

Cooper Standard ISG is a value-added partner, always looking for innovative, strategic opportunities to help our customers succeed. We can often prepare or package parts to reduce assembly time and labor costs, optimize workflow in the plant or otherwise add value above and beyond the product itself.

Custom Extrusions

Cooper Standard ISG can help you through the entire extrusion or molded process. Work with our application engineers to identify the material, design and processes that can enhance installation and performance of your products.

Standard Window & Door Extrusions

Cooper Standard ISG offers various standard rubber and plastic sealing solutions including entry door seals, door sweeps, iDea® Seals, fire rated silicone tear drops, glazing wedge seals, push-in/slide-in seals, setting blocks, and more. 

Custom Molded Components

In addition to high quality extrusions, Cooper Standard ISG is also an expert in molding small or intricate shapes, such as corner gaskets, providing industry manufacturers with an expert one-stop shop for all seals and gaskets needed for any window and door design.


Cooper Standard ISG can cure highly effective coatings right to the seal, providing reduced surface friction for improved ease of assembly, as well as imparting properties such as long term abrasion resistance to dynamic seals for greatly increased open/close cycles.

Custom Cutting Processes

We can pre-cut seals in many ways to save you time and labor costs at the assembly end. We can cut long extrusions accurately to custom lengths before shipping. As well as precisely punch, drill, die cut, machine, notch or otherwise prepare the seal for optimum utility in any window or door design.

Continuous Corner Seals

With Cooper Standards ISG’s extensive window and door experience, we have developed seals that can make a continuous corner, as opposed to the traditional glued corners. For example, notching an extrusion into an angle can deliver a part far more effective at avoiding leak paths.

Multi-Durometer Co-Extrusion

Cooper Standard ISG’s extruding and materials expertise allow the strategic combination of two or even three different rubber and plastic materials in different areas of the profile to optimize desired properties.

Corner Molding

Cooper Standard ISG expertise includes the ability to injection mold seal corners and then splice the extrusions to create a seal for preassembled four cornered frames.


Cooper Standard ISG can not only specify the optimum compatible high performance adhesive system for seals going into any window or door substrate and design, but also pre-apply a peel-off strip to the seal for fast installation at your facility.

Color Matching

Cooper Standard ISG formulates its own material compounds, allowing for highly accurate color matching and aesthetic compatibility with different woods and materials, with different shades of white, black, tan, beige and more.

Custom Packaging

Cooper Standard ISG can custom package seals and ship to fabricators, commercial dealers or even big box retailers, often placing components in heat sealed bags and accompanied by instruction cards, cleaning wipes or other materials as desired.

Identification Printing

Identification marks on products can be crucial to manufacturing efficiency and quality. From an intricate logo to customer part numbers, we can provide identification markings that best fit your requirements.

Drilling and Punching Seals

Seals may require vent holes that enable the part to collapse under pressure. During part extrusion, holes can be drilled at precise, uniform intervals. Cut-to-length parts also can be placed in a punch press where a die creates the intended feature.

Splicing and Welding

Splicing and welding can be used to form a simple O-ring or a complex multi-side product. We offer cold and hot splicing as well as transfer molded joints and vulcanized corners.

Specialty Solutions

Cooper Standard ISG can offer our window and door manufacturer partners a wide range of specialized capabilities that can help optimize performance and reduce cost in your operation.

iDea® Seals

Speaking of improved ease of assembly, Cooper Standard ISG’s proprietary and innovative iDea Seals combine the low friction slickness of thermoplastic with a high performance rubber such as EPDM, allowing fast and ergonomic manual placement into a mating channel and outstanding compression performance of the outer seal.

Download our iDea® Seal Product Sheet to learn more.

Rubber to Metal Bonding

A complex manufacturing process demanding tight tolerances, Cooper Standard ISG’s rubber to metal bonding expertise can offer a number of performance advantages, for example, helping build in sound or vibration dampening properties to quality window products.

Quickedge™ Seals

Cooper Standard ISG’s proprietary Quickedge™ seals push on easily and snap in place to any exposed edge, providing a highly protective decorative finish and the window and door industry’s strongest permanent gripping power.

Push-On Trim Seals

Providing fast and easy installation without gluing, Cooper Standard ISG Push-On Trim Seals lock in place manually with just a push, providing long term, highly aesthetic protection of any edge.

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