' Cooper Standard – Applied Materials Science Group

The Applied Materials Science Group is a dedicated group within Cooper Standard that is focused on serving diverse industries with our materials innovation such as our dynamic Fortrex™ material family.

Cooper Standard’s next-generation Fortrex™ material can be processed through extrusion molding, injection molding, foaming, calendaring, film blowing to take on many forms for diverse applications. Fortrex™, in its many forms, can meet a variety of needs while offering superior performance and aesthetic characteristics including:

  • Improved temperature resistance
  • Long-term heat aging
  • Improved weathering
  • High elasticity
  • Chemical resistance
  • Coloring options
  • In a lighter weight, ambient cured material

The momentum of our Applied Materials Science business is building and the excitement about Fortrex™ technology continues to increase with an almost endless list of potential applications.