' Cooper Standard – Fortrex™ Super Elastomeric Material Platform

Generated from its employee-driven i³ Innovation Process, Cooper Standard’s Fortrex™ material platform is creating new levels of performance and providing solutions to challenges in several key industries.

Fortrex™ is a unique chemistry used to produce a high-performance family of materials that offers significant advantages over EPDM synthetic rubber and TPV in terms of weight reduction, weathering, durability and sound characteristics. Winner of the 2018 Automotive News PACE Award, Fortrex™ offers weight savings of up to 30 percent versus traditional EPDM and a remarkably low carbon footprint across the entire material and production chain.

Creating New Opportunities

As a dynamic material platform, the material can be modified for a broad range of applications and performance solutions for a diverse set of industrial markets. This next-generation material can take on many forms, including dense extrusions, foams, films, membranes and injection moldings.

Cooper Standard’s dedicated Applied Materials Science Group is focused on serving diverse industries with application of our dynamic Fortrex™ material platform. Excitement about Fortrex™ is continuing to increase with potential licensees in key industrial markets such as:

  • Footwear
  • Athletics
  • Consumer Applications / Packaging
  • Building and Construction
  • Comfort Foams
  • Wire & Cable