Superior Metal Tube Protection for all Vehicle Types

Innovative solutions that protect the vehicle’s metal tubing from corrosion (rust) and physical damage (abrasion) has been a key tenet of Cooper Standard for decades, and we continue to develop new solutions that improve the performance of our metal tubing coatings for all types of vehicles, independent of their powertrain.

Since the introduction of our Polyamide (PA) coated Nyclad® over 25 years ago, we have continued to develop robust tube coating solutions that meet and exceed the requirements of our customers and are widely adopted by leading OEMs worldwide. Solutions like our Polypropylene (PP) coated Nyclad® Pro and our newest innovation, ArmorTube, bring added performance benefits to today’s demanding vehicle applications.

MagAlloy® base tube coating further enhances our engineered tube top coatings, offering improved protection against corrosion while improving the sustainability of our vertically-integrated manufacturing process.  

With our broad portfolio of coating solutions across both single-wall and double-wall tubing applications, our customers have the flexibility to choose the right fit to meet their specific needs.

Stronger, Longer-Lasting Abrasion Resistance

Cooper Standard’s ArmorTube coating offers significantly improved abrasion resistance when compared to traditional Polyamide (PA) coating solutions in the market today. The development has leveraged our legacy expertise in tube coating technologies and material science, resulting in an innovative product whose robust performance meets not only our customer’s requirements, but real-life vehicle applications for tubing as well.

ArmorTube Features:

  • Superior abrasion and corrosion protection compared to existing Nyclad® (PA-coated) tubing
  • Compatible with standard metal tube dimensions without custom clips or fittings
  • 100% end-to-end tube protection coverage
  • Manufactured using existing equipment and processes without additional tooling
  • Lighter weight through the elimination of secondary protective sleeving and/or jacketing such as Polypropylene
  • Further enhanced when paired with our MagAlloy® base coat

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Available Coating Solutions


Nyclad® is a Polyamide-based top coat layer solution applied to the outer layer of our metal tube. It is available in both conductive and non-conductive material options for single-wall (fuel and vapor) and double-wall (brake) applications. This coating can be paired with our MagAlloy® base coat technology for superior corrosion protection performance.


ArmorTube is an engineered, Polyamide (PA) coating for the outer layer of our metal tube, providing all the benefits of Nyclad® while improving abrasion resistance. The proprietary coating replaces the need for secondary protective sleeving on the tube, reduces part complexity and simplifies its manufacture. This coating can also be paired with our MagAlloy® base coat technology for superior corrosion protection performance.

Nyclad® Pro

Nyclad® Pro is a high-performance coating solution combining the benefits of our Nyclad® tube coating with an additional layer of Polypropylene (PP) on the outermost surface. This combination of materials provides the highest level of corrosion protection and protection against physical damage available in the market. This coating can also be paired with our MagAlloy® base coat technology for superior corrosion protection performance.