Ergo-Lock™ +


Leveraging our connector expertise into Glycol VDA connections, Cooper Standard’s Ergo-Lock™+ can provide superior performance in the growing Electric Vehicle and Hybrid market. Ergo-Lock™+ solutions enable significant improvements in ergonomics and safety with reduced insertion force, visual/scannable latch verification options and flexible modular design.

Key Material Attributes

Designed to meet the growing demands of diverse powertrains, Ergo-Lock™+ provides performance and serviceability improvements.


  • >30% reduced insertion force vs. traditional glycol connectors without compromising sealing performance
  • Superior configuration flexibility through modular design
  • Optional visual and scannable latch verification
  • Supports plastic and rubber tube connections
  • Hydrolysis and permeation resistance to water and glycol
  • Concise single motion installation

Target Applications

  • Low- and mid- temperature glycol connections up to 120°C (248°F)
  • ICE, Hybrid and BEV cooling systems
  • Target sizes: NW12mm – NW22mm