LoPerm 4000E Multilayer Tubing

Cooper Standard’s LoPerm 4000E is a multi-layer, low permeation and low oligomer washout thermoplastic tubing construction. This innovative tubing solution is specifically designed to meet the increasingly stringent fuel standards of today. By using LoPerm 4000E, customers can experience a reduction of at least 80% in oligomers and washout buildups compared to traditional tubing options. This advancement contributes to an extended vapor system life expectancy, helps prevent unexpected damage to vehicles and ultimately helps reduce potential warranty claims.

As industry leaders known for providing best-in-class tubing solutions, the addition of LoPerm 4000E to Cooper Standard’s portfolio is another example of our ongoing commitment in manufacturing and engineering to develop innovative solutions that address more stringent government requirements and adapt to global industry needs.

Modernization of Our Portfolio

As a low-cost material alternative, LoPerm 4000E, not only fulfills the evolving demands of today’s ethanol-gasoline mixed fuel applications but also aligns with the changing market and customer expectations. Despite the growing popularity of electric vehicles, LoPerm 4000E serves as an important option for internal combustion engines – including hybrid powertrains - which will continue to play a crucial role as a reliable form of transportation for the foreseeable future.


  • Five-layer thermoplastic tubing construction
  • Reduced oligomer and washout buildup by at least 80%
  • Superior permeation and chemical resistance against environmental factors
  • Available sizes ranging from 6-18 mm for compatible assembly
  • Non-conductive version is available
  • Temperature ranges up to 120°C