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At Cooper Standard, we Drive Value Through Culture, Innovation and Results. We strive to be world-class in everything we do, and our core value of integrity sets us apart. Our Code of Conduct defines what it means to act with integrity at Cooper Standard and provides guidance on our Company’s policies and where to go for help. While one document cannot cover all the laws we must follow or cover all the choices we will face, it provides a roadmap for navigating those situations when business decisions might not be easy or obvious.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all directors, officers and employees of the Company and its subsidiaries, including our chief executive officer, chief financial officer and controller. The Code of Conduct is available on our website by clicking any of the language links below. We will also post on our website any amendment to, or waiver from, a provision of our policies that applies to our chief executive officer, chief financial officer, or controller, and that relates to any of the following elements of these policies: honest and ethical conduct; disclosure in reports or documents filed by the Company with the SEC and in other public communications; compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations; prompt internal reporting of code violations; and accountability for adherence to the policies.

Cooper Standard believes in ethical and socially-responsible business practices and recognizes its responsibility in promoting the protection of human rights. Our Human Rights Policy sets forth our commitment to ensuring our global operations are conducted in a manner that maintains an inclusive workplace where people are voluntarily employed, the unlawful employment or exploitation of children is prohibited, and employee rights and freedoms are respected. We expect that our suppliers and business partners share in this commitment. We communicate these expectations in our employee training programs as well as in our supplier code of conduct. Read more about our Human Rights Policy here.

To learn more about our ethics reporting resources, ask questions or report suspected or actual violations of our Code of Conduct, please visit our Speak Up for Integrity page or the Cooper Standard IntegrityLine.

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